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BDO Guide: Personally recommended Grinding Routes in Gahaz as Ninja



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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by Rsrrrrs



Ninja Guide: Personally recommended Grinding Routes in Gahaz

Pros: 1) No Elites. 2) Not many people around here.

Cons: The node changes from Gahaz to Yalt Canyon, so it becomes hard to benefit from node investment.

It’s possible for you to easily grind here playing as a Ninja, since you’d almost only be using Silent Charge, Murderous Intent, and Seamless.

If you brand your item, you’d be using 45 Item Durability per hour, and you’d be getting 4500 miscellaneous items per hour when using scrolls.

You can use Silent Charge to run around to get mobs, then, finish them off with Murderous Intent and Seamless. The monsters there are laid out in the way that makes it convenient for you to use these skills in that order.


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