Interchain NFT Platform HAVAH’s Testnet Event Breaks 100K in 9 Days

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


- 95.6% of testnet users are global, cementing HAVAH’s position as a global project

- User community reacts positively to HAVAH’s interchain technology and the potential of free movement of digital assets

The next-gen interchain NFT platform HAVAH announced on January 5th that it has reached 100,000 users for its testnet (dubbed “VEGA”) within 9 days of release.


Released on December 21st, HAVAH’s VEGA testnet exceeded 100,000 users 9 days after release amid growing interest in the project by the blockchain community. As of the 5th, the total number of visits stood at 140,000 and those who actually used the testnet at 100,000 users. This number is evidently the highest of any testnet for any blockchain project released recently.


Interestingly, the percentage of global users from outside of Korea where the project was first conceptualized, stood at 95.6%. Overall, users from 160 different countries visited the testnet site and those from 143 different countries installed HAVAH wallet. The largest portion of global users were from the US, Russia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


The testnet “VEGA'' introduces the HAVAHmitter service and connects Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, and Klaytn networks to promote the free movement of digital assets such as NFTs. The project is known for its detailed attention to security and scalability backed by its highly advanced interchain transmission protocol technology.


The HAVAH team vowed that it will connect more blockchains in the future to build an environment in which digital assets, including NFTs, can be freely moved and used. Furthermore, utilizing HAVAH’s interchain technology, various blockchain services can be quickly and safely connected, and digital assets can be moved without the constraints of chains and networks.


Glory Lim, HAVAH project lead stated “many people will be able to transfer the HAVAH Friends NFT issued on the HAVAH chain to Ethereum and list it on OpenSea, and others transfer their AZUKI NFT issued on Ethereum onto HAVAH. We hope to create a world where this becomes the norm for all users”.


HAVAH has recently received investments from HG Ventures, XPLA, MGAME, and MAMA Ventures, and announced 8 validators including GroundX, PALA, and DeSpread which further bolstered its outlook in the blockchain market. The project hopes to partner with more companies in the future to make blockchains more mainstream going forward.


On another note, HAVAH is planning the public sale of its Planet Node NFTs, integral to the HAVAH ecosystem, starting on January 11th at 8pm. For more news on the public sale and the testnet event, check out the official HAVAH community.

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