HAVAH’s Public Testnet VEGA is Now Open

The following was sent to Inven Global via press release.


- HAVAH public testnet trial available through NFT bridging service, HAVAHmitter

- Testnet aims to increase of transferability of digital assets issued from various chains and to make blockchain services more mainstream


The next-generation interchain platform HAVAH opened its public testnet “VEGA” on 29 Dec. The HAVAH team aims to expand the blockchain ecosystem and make it more mainstream using its interchain technology going forward.


Through the release of VEGA, HAVAH also unveiled its HAVAHmitter service. While most bridge services are focused on FT, HAVAHmitter is notable in that it is set up around NFTs. 


HAVAHmitter as it currently stands in Veganet features Ethereum, Polygon, BNB, and Klaytn networks and will add more in the future. 


When using the HAVAHmitter, BNB NFTs can be sold at Pala Sqaure, which does not support the BNB network, and NFT holders and service providers can take advantage of using Klaytn NFTs on NFT-fi connected only to the Ethereum network. 


Additionally, the HAVAHmitter uses interchain technology that is notable for its secure transaction and usability so that users can safely transfer their digital assets more freely.


Existing bridges usually verify transactions through a notary, but this method is vulnerable to hacking accidents of notary nodes, so HAVAH links blockchains in a way that does not require notaries or intermediaries. Technologies that do not require a notary will be applied starting from 2023.


Team HAVAH has vowed to connect even more blockchains and build an ecosystem where digital assets including NFTs can be moved around more easily. The team further expects that by connecting the newer blockchains being created now onto the HAVAH ecosystem, it can successfully bind and improve the customer experience of blockchain users into a singular experience. 


Glory Lim, HAVAH project lead stated “the HAVAH team aims to connect fragmented blockchains based on advanced technologies and allow digital assets to be used freely in the future. We are excited to build and present a future where digital assets interact freely with each other which is integral to HAVAH’s vision.”


HAVAH also announced the public sale of planet node NFTs at 8pm on Jan 11th. For more details on the testnet event, visit HAVAH’s official community pages.

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