TSM Hauntzer: "After losing versus GAM, we realized that the 1-3-1 split push comp suits us better."


TSM Hauntzer explained how the team picked up themselves their previous defeat.

On May 10th (PDT) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Team SoloMid picked up a win against World Elite in the last match of Day 1 in the Group Stage of Mid-Season Invitational 2017. After the game, Kevin "Hauntzer" Yarnell was interviewed on stage for his impressions after the match.

Hauntzer was happy that they could end the day with a win and with raised morale: "Winning the first game was important because it would raise our morale. The first game didn't go too well; we made too many mistakes. Winning against what seems like the better region gave us a lot of confident going into next matches."

As for the changed strategy, Hauntzer explained that 1-3-1 split push composition suited them better: "After the game versus GAM, we realized the composition that we've used in that match was not our style. So we went to 1-3-1 split push composition. It suited us better because Bjergsen and I could each pressure a lane and everyone else could set up more plays. Also, they gave us OP picks."

Finally, Hauntzer ended the interview with expectations for tomorrow: "Tomorrow will be the hardest day with the match against SKT and FW. FW is one of the best team in the tournament, and they will still be a threat even if they lost their first few matches. We've scrimmed them a lot, so we know they are very strong - We will not take them lightly."

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