KOF Arena launches Controller Box pre-sale promotion


Prior to the official release of ‘The King of Fighters ARENA’ on Nov. 14, a Controller(NFT) Box Pre-Sale will be taking place as a special promotion. Those that have signed up for the MBX Wallet can apply to purchase the controllers by Nov 8, and can increase their chances of getting one through completing missions.


In order to participate in the promotion, users must sign up for the MBX Wallet by Nov 8, 06:00, and sign up for the Whitelist. The Whitelist winners will be picked by 07:00 on the 8th, and the winners can start purchasing the controllers from Nov 9, 13:00 [Buying Phase 1]. Those that have not been selected as a Whitelist winner will be able to purchase them from Nov 10, 13:00 [Buying Phase 2]. However, if the controllers sell out in Buying Phase 1, Buying Phase 2 will not proceed.


Controller Pre-sale Schedule (UTC)


『10/31 Mon 06:00』 Beginning of Whitelist Application

『11/08 Tue 06:00』 End of Whitelist Application

『11/08 Tue 07:00』 Whitelist Winners List (Checking)

『11/09 Wed 13:00』 Beginning of Pre-sale (Available for only Whitelist winners: Buying Phase 1)

『11/10 Thu 13:00』 Beginning of Pre-sale (Available for only Whitelist winners: Buying Phase 2)

『11/11 Fri 13:00』 End of Pre-sale


There are two types of controllers, with each of them going on a 30% and 20% sale respectively. There are a total of 5,000, 30% sale controllers; they must fulfill the MBX Staking, and only one can be purchased per MBX Wallet. Same requirements apply for the 20% sale controllers, but there are a total of 15,000 of them, and up to 20 per MBX Wallet can be purchased. Such controllers purchased via promotion cannot be traded in the marketplace for up to 24 hours after their official release.


How to Participate in the Pre-sale


1. Login to the PLAYONE for MBX LaunchPad using your MBX Wallet. (*MBX Wallet is required to login to LaunchPad and participate in the Pre-sale)


2. Select The King of Fighters ARENA INO on the Home screen to proceed.


3. MARBLERS can purchase Controller Boxes through the Controller Boxes 30% OFF Exclusive offer and Controller Boxes 20% OFF Limited time offer. (*Only MARBLERS who have made it to the Whitelist can purchase the offer. *MARBLERS may apply on different offers at the same time)


4. When applying for an offer, the more missions you complete, the higher the chance of winning, so it is advantageous to achieve a high score. (*MARBLERS may apply by performing minimum missions and having minimum scores)


5. After the application period, the list of Whitelist winners will be able to purchase the Offer(s). (* MARBLERS can check if they have won a spot in the whitelist through the INO product page in PLAYONE For MBX (LaunchPad))


6. Any offers remaining from Phase 1 will be available for purchase on Phase 2.


7. All MARBLERS who participated and applied for the Whitelist (including MARBLERS who bought during Phase 1) can purchase during Phase 2.

An NFT Pre-Sale Open EVENT, where you can earn MBX tokens and controllers will simultaneously take place, with the total reward of $10,000. Complete the Social Missions on the event page until Nov 8, 04:00 to participate; a total of 190 winners will be chosen, with the 1st place prize being 100 MBX and five controllers.




1. Follow @ArenaKof on Twitter (+20)

2. Retweet @ArenaKof on Twitter (+30)

3. Visit The King of Fighters ARENA on Facebook (+10)

4. Visit the PLAYONE FOR MBX website (+30)

5. What is your MBX wallet address (+20)

6. E.T.C (+30)


The King of Fighters ARENA is scheduled for official release on Nov 14. You can pre-register via their official website, and both Android and iOS users can pre-register. Rewards such as Special Art, Background Collection, Special Title, and Title Panel, are available upon pre-registration.


- MBX Wallet Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.marblex.wallet

- MBX Wallet App Store : https://apps.apple.com/app/id1611500182?l=en


- NFT Pre-Sale Announcement : https://forum.netmarble.com/kofarena/view/8/60

- NFT Pre-Sale INO : https://playone.marblex.io/ino/635904fba6473f20e3006b01


- NFT Pre-Sale Open EVENT : https://gleam.io/rR7tH/kof-arena-nft-presale-open-event

- Website(Pre-Register) : https://kofarena.netmarble.com/en

- Discord : https://discord.com/invite/kofarena

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