Creator Spotlight - Myrtle Sarrosa and her recent ZEPETO campaign

Creator spotlight: Myrtle Sarrosa ZEPETO Campaign 


Oftentimes creators in the gaming industry focus on one or two disciplines. Maybe this means growing their TikTok with short form videos, beginning to stream, or getting into cosplay. Rarely do we see someone deliver quality content on multiple fronts for years on end - enter Myrtle Sarrosa.


This article primarily features Myrtle’s recent ZEPETO collab, a great example of her content - check it out here


Myrtle is no stranger to the big screen, and she began cosplaying in her early teens. Within a few years, she was debuting on and winning Pinoy Big Brother, a popular Filipino version of the TV show Big Brother. She won an overwhelming percentage of the audience vote on the show, which was just the start of the internet’s love for Sarrosa. 


She continued to work as a full-time actress while getting a broadcasting communications degree and building her loving fanbase. TV hosting, acting, voice jockeying, singing, dancing, you name it and Myrtle Sarrosa has done it. What stands out to us about Myrtle, more than anything else, are her gaming ties. Alongside all the high-end TV deals, we’ve seen Myrtle constantly churning out exciting gaming focused campaigns. 



She came to our attention with her recent ZEPETO collab, but she’s also worked with some of our favorite esports titles, including PUBG, VALORANT, and Overwatch 2. These range from cosplay videos to longform partnerships, and Myrtle consistently delivers exciting content across all her platforms. 


If you’re looking for a new favorite TV star by day, cosplay queen by night, our vote is on Myrtle Sarrosa. 


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