T1 Gumayusi about the ADC age curse: "I’ll continue it this year, and I’ll break it next year."


On Oct. 29, T1 defeated JD Gaming 3-1 in the semifinals of the 2022 LoL World Championship. They will now move on to the finals to face the winner of tomorrow’s match between Gen.G and DRX. After the match, the team joined the media for a press conference. The following is a full translation of the conference.



(To Faker) You’ve been to two Worlds in NA and won both. Are you planning to do that again?


Faker: The two championships I won in NA were possible because we worked really hard. If we can do that again, I believe we can win Worlds.


(To Zeus) What do you think about 369’s Malphite pick? Did you predict that he could be picked?


Zeus: When I blind-picked Yone, I thought he could pick Malphite. Considering our comp and their comp, Malphite could have been quite intimidating.


(To Faker) You’ve been active for 10 years, and it’s been 5 years since you’ve last been to a Worlds Final. How does that make you feel?


Faker: It’s been a very long time since I’ve been to the finals at Worlds, so it motivates me more, and it makes me win the championship more.


(To Bengi) Looking at T1’s performance today, what needs to be improved for the finals?


Bengi: It seems that the players were more nervous than when we practiced. It’ll be important to manage that before we head to the finals. If we can play in our normal form, we’ll be able to win the championship.



(To Gumayusi) How were you able to demolish the opponent bot duo in games 3 and 4?


Gumayusi: In game 3, things went well after getting help from the mid lane, and in game 4, it was easy after Keria pulled off a super play early in the game.


(To Gumayusi) At the start of the Group Stage you struggled, but you have massively improved since. Today, you were a hard-carry for your team. How do you reflect on your growth at Worlds, and what can we expect in the grand final?


Gumayusi: I think I’m a person who can do well from the beginning and that my hard effort is paying off. I’m not sure who will make it to the finals; since we’re used to playing the LCK, we’ll have to prepare as we usually do.


(To Bengi) At the start of the tournament, T1 maybe weren't the favorite to become the World Champions, but today all of you are one Bo5 away from making it. How have you managed these couple of months to transform T1 into the beast they are today, and how did you feel with this achievement in your first Worlds as a coach?


Bengi: We reached the finals at this Worlds, and most of it was because the team’s form improved a lot as we prepared for the tournament. Everyone worked hard for our goal, so all the results are thanks to them. There are players that haven’t been to the finals, and a player that has more experience. I think we should conclude the finals well.


(To Keria) You’ll face some former teammates: Doran, Chovy, Deft, and Pyosik. What does that mean to you? 


Keria: When we parted ways, we told each other, “let’s meet at a higher stage”, and I’m proud that we succeeded, but I don’t think this emotion would affect my gameplay.



(To Faker) When you locked in Azir, a lot of fans felt the nostalgia from Worlds 2015. How are you able to be at the top for so long?


Faker: Whenever I find something I lack, I try to improve that part. The reason I reached the finals is that I have great teammates.


(To Gumayusi) The bot duo displayed a great performance. What was the key point in today’s win?


Gumayusi: The key point for us was that we didn’t get discouraged after losing game 1 and that we did well what we were required to do from game 2 and on.


(To Gumayusi) Up to now, all the ADCs of the World Champions were 21 years old and under. Among the remaining teams, you’re the only player that fulfills that condition. What do you think about this?


Gumayusi: I don’t mind those curses, but I think I’ll continue it this year, and I’ll break it next year.


(To Zeus) 369 and Zeus are both great top laners. How was it facing him today?


Zeus: I was cautious of 369 a lot. I’m not completely satisfied with my performance, but I think I did alright. Since 369 is a great top laner, I hope I can meet him again in the next international tournament.


(To Bengi) How is it different going to the finals as a coach and player? As Faker’s former teammate and now coach, how do you evaluate his performance today?


Bengi: I don’t really know about the difference. Standing on the finals stage in itself is very exciting. About Faker’s performance today, he carried his roles really well, whatever pick he played. He was great.


(To Keria) You’ve said that you want to win Worlds with Deft before. There’s a chance that you’ll be meeting him in the finals. Do you have a word for him?


Keria: I did say those things often back then, and Deft trusted me for it. I’m sorry to him because I left him. I hope he makes it to the finals, but if he does, I think I’ll win.



(To Faker) Following ‘13, ‘15, and ‘16, you’ll be attempting to win your fourth world championship, a feat no one has accomplished before. What are your resolutions? A word to the LCK fans as well?


Faker: It’s been a long time since I won the world championship, so this finals means so much more to me. The fans have high expectations this time around, so I really want to win Worlds for them. The biggest reason I’m here is because of the fans’ cheering. I hope everyone receives good vibes from watching.


(To Faker) You said LCS is the best region in the broadcast interview. What did that mean?


Faker: I think LCS is the best.


Keria: I agree.


Faker: I think they can become the best in the future.


(To Oner) You faced Kanavi today. What do you think about him?


Oner: JDG is a team that moves around Kanavi, so he scales well through that. I think he’s a great player.


(To Faker) Many fans are looking forward to the Mapo high school reunion in the finals with Deft. What do you think?


Faker: When we were in high school, we didn’t even know each other. It’ll be a unique experience if it happens. I believe it’ll be an interesting story if DRX makes it to the finals.


(To Gumayusi) Are you confident in beating Gen.G if they make it to the finals?


Gumayusi: I’m kind of hurt since Ruler said that he doesn’t really like me in the summer finals, so I won’t give him any more shoutouts. [Laughs] I’ll be watching their match tomorrow, so I think I’ll know how confident I am after watching it.


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