Pick'Em Challenge announced for PUBG Global Championship 2022

The following was sent as a press release to Inven Global.

KRAFTON, Inc. today announced the Pick’em Challenge has returned for the PUBG Global Championship 2022 (PGC) to give fans the opportunity to earn in-game rewards by correctly predicting the outcome of the competition. Exclusive PGC 2022-themed items are also now available to purchase in PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS. PGC 2022 will be the final PUBG Esports tournament of the year as a global in-person event from Nov. 1-20, where the world’s top 32 professional PUBG Esports teams will compete for a share of a $2 million USD prize pool.



PGC 2022-themed in-game items will be available to purchase for PC and console players from Oct. 26 - Dec. 7. Thirty percent of the net sales will be contributed to the overall prize pool and distributed to participating teams. The PGC 2022-themed items available for sale are as follows:

  • PGC 2022 Mega Bundle (10 Voting Coupons + 500,000 EP)

  • PGC 2022 Iridescent Danger Bundle (3 Voting Coupons + 210,000 EP)

  • PGC 2022 Tac-Tech Bundle (3 Voting Coupons + 210,000 EP)

  • PGC 2022 Emote Set (1 Voting Coupon)


During PGC 2022, fans can “vote” for the teams they believe will win in order to earn Esports Points (EP). EP can then be exchanged for exclusive PGC 2022 gear in the in-game store until voting ends on Nov. 18. There will be two separate events for PGC 2022 which are detailed below:


  • Pick the Winner - The first challenge is a familiar one: Pick the Winner will require fans to use a voting coupon and some keen esports knowledge and insight to predict the grand champion of PGC 2022. The stakes have been raised for the final esports tournament of the year as the prize has been increased and will only be granted when correctly guessing the top four placements of the tournament. Please see below for the detailed prize breakout of the challenge:

    • First Place: 300,000 EP

    • Second Place: 180,000 EP

    • Third Place: 60,000 EP

    • Fourth Place: 30,000 EP


  • Team Faceoff - The second challenge is Team Faceoff, where fans will choose who they think will emerge victorious between rival teams. The EP prize varies for the challenge from 400 to 7600 EP based on how weighted the vote tally is, so choose carefully as the bounty can potentially become quite lucrative. 


Voting coupons can be obtained by purchasing themed PGC items or by using “codes” that appear during a PGC broadcast. Once fans earn EP, they can exchange* them for some unique PGC-themed cosmetics!


Additional ways viewers can earn free voting coupons and EP during PGC 2022 are outlined below:


  • Watching Live Streams - Throughout official PGC 2022 live streams, special codes will be shared, which will grant free voting coupons if viewers are fast enough to claim it for themselves. Players can also earn a free voting coupon by visiting PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ in-game event tab, clicking on the “Join Event” button and completing the in-game mission.


  • Twitch Drops - During PGC 2022, players and fans can tune into the official PUBG Twitch broadcast to receive free EP drops. Viewers must have a KRAFTON ID linked to their platform and Twitch Account to receive drops. Please visit https://accounts.krafton.com/login to create a KRAFTON ID.


  • Pick & Go Bingo - Viewers will be able to participate in Pick & Go Bingo at the official PUBG Esports Twitch channel. They will be able to compete with nine other players randomly matched with them from the chat for the chance to earn free EP. Participants will earn points every time their selected teams eliminate another player’s teams. If all teams placed in a straight line earn a point, it’s bingo! Each bingo will grant bonus points.

Fans can also further enjoy PGC 2022 by participating in the PUBG Fantasy League. The official PUBG Fantasy League returns for PGC 2022 as a way to earn PUBG skins and G-Coin. Simply register or sign into an existing account to build a team and earn points as rosters of players compete in PGC 2022. Points will be tallied depending on the players’ performance at PGC 2022, and the top 10 participants with the highest points will be awarded with G-Coin and a full PGC 2022 Mega bundle skin set. Visit https://twire.gg/en/pubg to play and build your own team to earn points as your roster of players compete in PGC 2022!


PGC 2022 will be streamed across PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS’ Esports Twitch and YouTube channels. Livestream coverage for PGC 2022 will begin each day starting at 9 a.m. EST.

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