20 different useful tools for PC Gamers

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20 different useful tools for PC Gamers

A gamer's success depends not only on skill and experience. The tool kit the one makes also contributes to this. And what about you? Do you have one full of the tools that you cannot imagine gaming without? Down below you will find some of the tools that might be useful for you! Let us have a look!


  1.     JoyToKey

It allows you to remap your keyboard keys on the PC. This way you can make the game more comfortable to play and quickly become one of the best players. Even in such cases when game developers do not provide you with an opportunity to change the key inputs, JoyToKey can help you.


  1.     Keytweak

Keytweak is quite similar to JoytoKey as it gives gamers a chance to remap controls. That is how a gamer may make himself a control scheme that works the best in that particular game. Although people say that this is just a matter of habit, it is not true.


  1.     Nord VPN

It is an extremely significant online security tool which protects gamer’s sensitive personal information from third-parties. What is more, as CyberWater states, using VPN helps to reduce ping and to avoid lagging on the games as well.


  1.     Malwarebytes

That is another tool which may help to ensure your safety online. It prevents your device from viruses, malware and other threats that might be hazardous. Especially, when you are downloading programs or other files from websites that might not be very secure.


  1.     Speccy

This program allows gamers to see the specifications of the components installed in their devices and other useful information. For example, drive speed, your PC temperature (if it is too high, make sure to get a cooler) and others.


  1.     PC Decrapifier

As you can already understand from the name of the program, it helps you to deal with the useless files in your device. Although it seems like a small thing, this tool can significantly speed up the start-up and operation of your device.


  1.     CCleaner

It works essentially the same as PC Decrapifier. It cleans and optimizes the system so that it would work fast and smoothly. Furthermore, it can be used to manage your applications, check relevant information and other.


  1. F.lux

It is probably one of the best tools that has ever been developed for gamers! What does it do? Actually, it adjusts your display depending on the time of the day. In this way, the screen will remain bright, you will be able to play comfortably and not miss anything.


  1.     Sharex

That is the program you may use in order to capture something during the game. We may highly recommend it because it is simple, time-saving to use and has many features that you might find useful. Are you ready to try it?


  1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner, specializing in various different graphic cards, you will get a chance to overlock it by experimenting with adjustments even without having to exit a game. What could be better?


  1. Nexus Mod Manager

This tool will help you to install mods quickly and easily. Furthermore, using it you will be able to organize them depending on your needs and finally, get rid of them, if necessary.


  1. UltraMon

UltraMon is made for gamers who use multiple monitors for gaming. What is it useful for? It helps to avoid any problems that may arise, to improve productivity, set up different monitor configurations and many more.


  1. Prime95

It is a wonderful tool for those who want to improve the speed of the game and to check the stability of your device’s system. So, if these things are relevant for you, Prime95 is the thing you need!


  1. Flawless Widescreen

This one is made for those who love gaming using wide monitors. As playing games on wide screens usually becomes a problem, Flawless Widescreen helps to solve it. Even though it might be helpful on the majority of games, in some cases it would not help.


  1. GameSave Manager

GameSave Manager allows gamers to save their games safely on their devices and provides an opportunity to back them up using another drive. It is extremely useful in cases when you run into problems of saving progress.


  1. SuperF4

That is an application – savior! Have you ever experienced the situation when suddenly all of the programs freezes and it becomes impossible to close them? SuperF4 is the best solution in this case.


  1. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is a perfect choice for those who like to record their gameplay. It has many useful features such as audio mixer, and is supported by the major online video platforms, including Twitch and Youtube.


  1. Razon Cortex: Game Booster

It is a free application which improves gaming performance significantly. With a number of useful features such as FPS statistics, RAM optimization, automatic performance boost and other, it will soon become an irreplaceable tool for you as a gamer!


  1. TeamSpeak

That is one of the most popular platforms that helps you to chat with friends while gaming. TeamSpeak is sometimes compared to Discord. However, TeamSpeak has a lot more to offer.


  1. GeForce Experience

GeForce Experience offers a variety of possibilities. It ensures that your computer runs the latest drivers for the GPU, allows you to record gameplay and share videos with others. Also, it may optimize your game settings automatically.

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