Hack-and-Slash APRG UNDECEMBER announces event for October


The following was sent as a press release to Inven Global.

- Enjoy Halloween with UNDECEMBER from October 26 to November 23

- Join the 7 day Log-in and Halloween Surprise Gift Box Event for various items!

- Use the Halloween Candies to boost character abilities and drop rates!


Seoul, South Korea – October 26, 2022 – LINE Games Corporation announced that Hack & Slash ARPG UNDECEMBER, developed by Needs Games, is celebrating Halloween with in-game events.


Starting today, players can enjoy a number of Halloween events until November 23.

First, check-in to the game for seven days to receive items including Rune Rare Upgrade Essence Selection Chest. Along with the log-in event, Halloween Surprise Gift Box Event is also available. The special Halloween Surprise Gift Boxes will be part of the loot from hunting, and will hold Rare Unstable Skill Runes, Link Runes and more.


Also, don’t miss the season-exclusive Halloween Candies, which upon use will amplify your max HP, Mana, and Barrier by 5% and increase item and Gold drop rates.


Last but not least, Saluto – the town you can enter after clearing Act 10 – is now fully decorated with Halloween ornaments to make the season more festive.


More information on UNDECEMBER is available on the official brand siteLINE Games FLOORSteamApp StoreGoogle PlayFacebookDiscord, and official YouTube channel.

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