Death Reaper Nova Sorceress — Endgame builds in Diablo 2: Resurrected


There are many endgame setups in Diablo 2: Resurrected, and with the Sundering Charms added in Ladder Season 2, some of the builds have shifted. More unique builds have become possible, while some builds remained strong or have become even stronger. Here is the endgame for the Nova Sorceress.


Nova Build


One of the biggest advantages of the Nova Sorceress is that she has a lot of skill points to spare, as the only synergy skill for Nova is Static Field — all the skill points you need will be secured by Lv. 76. Since you’ll have to dive into the mobs of enemies to hit your skills, it’s best if you use Energy Shield to protect yourself. As Telekinesis is a crucial synergy for Energy Shield, you should master it without question. Obviously, Lightning Mastery is compulsory as well.


Energy Shield is a unique skill in Diablo 2. When the Energy Shield is activated, all damage is filtered through your mana. Some damage will be absorbed, and only a portion of the damage will affect your health. This is a great advantage for the Sorceress as she isn’t as tanky as other characters, but the biggest advantage of the Energy Shield is that you don’t need to think about all the resist stats. The only resist stat that matters is Poison Resist, which drains your HP slowly.


After mastering the synergies, there are several paths you could take. One is to master Energy Shield. If you do, your mana will absorb more damage — up to 95%, but if you do, more mana is drained when you’re hit. Two other builds are mastering Blizzard plus one Cold Mastery, and mastering Hydra plus one Fire Mastery. Both builds can generate decent additional damage. Previously, it was necessary to have at least one other element skill, but with the addition of Sundering Charms, you don't need to learn any other skills.


Any remaining skill points should be used on Warmth.





Helm: Griffon’s Eye / Harlequin Crest

Weapon: Infinity

Armor: Chains of Honor (DolUmBerIst) / Skin of the Vipermagi / Ormus’ Robe / Enigma

Gloves: Magefist / Dracul’s Grasp

Belt: Arachnid Mesh

Boots: Sandstorm Trek / War Traveler

Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope / Rare FCR +2 skill amulet / Crafted FCR(+20%) +2 skill amulet

Rings: Stone of Jordan / Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band / Rare FCR ring

Swap: Call to Arms (AmnRalMalIstOhm) & Spirit (TalThulOrtAmn) / Call to Arms Staff (AmnRalMalIstOhm) w/+3 Energy Shield

*Blue text for under 105% FCR


The most unique part of the “Death Reaper” Nova Sorceress build is the weapon. She uses the Infinity rune word herself, which is usually worked on normal Scythes due to stats — hence the nickname “Death Reaper”. By using Infinity as the main weapon, the -x% to enemy lightning resist is applied as well as the Lv. 12 Conviction aura. This creates massive extra damage to enemies as you face them.


As mentioned above, using the Energy Shield allows Sorceresses to ignore resist stats. As long as your Energy Shield is activated, you can roam around without taking too much damage. This gives you a variety of equipment to choose from.


The main point in setting up your equipment for the Death Reaper Nova build is to find sources of FCR to fulfill the 105% breakpoint. If you’re satisfied with the casting speed below 105%, you can add more all-skill equipment for more damage. You’ll only need Griffon’s Eye, Arachnid Mesh, and Magefist to surpass the 63% breakpoint.


Even if you’re a Sorceress, using Enigma is beneficial, as you can gain +2 all skills, more MF chance, and additional strength. But the biggest benefit is the +14 life after each kill. The same goes with Dracul’s Grasp. With these items, you won’t need to worry about healing when you fight.


One of the best bases for Call to Arms if you can craft five sockets. Mine came out with one.

The Call to Arms staff should be worked on a 5-socketed staff with +3 Energy Shield. If it has +1 or more of the cold armor skills, it’s much better. The best base for a swappable Call To Arms is a staff with +3 Energy Shield, +3 Cold Armor, and +3 Thunder Storm. If not, use a normal Crystal Sword Call to Arms paired with Lidless Wall.



All stats should go to Energy as long as you can wear all the equipment. As for the Death Reaper Nova Sorceress, you won’t need to equip Monarch, so as long as you can wear Enigma (usually worked on Mage Plates / 55 Strength), you won’t need to allocate any stats on Strength at all. You’ll gain additional stats from the Hellfire Torch, Annihilus, and Mara’s Kaleidoscope. 



Act 2 Prayer / Holy Freeze

Helm: Andariel’s Visage / Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest / Vampire Gaze / Crown of Thieves

Armor: Fortitude (ElSolDolLo) / Treachery (ShaelThulLem) / Gloom (FalUmPul)

Weapon: Insight (RalTirTalSol on Polearm)


Act 5 Frenzy/Iron Skin/Taunt

Helm: Andariel’s Visage / Tal Rasha’s Horadric Crest / Vampire Gaze / Crown of Thieves

Armor: Fortitude (ElSolDolLo) / Treachery (ShaelThulLem) / Gloom (FalUmPul)

Weapon: Plague (ChamShaelUm) + Last Wish (JahMalJahSurJahBer) / King Slayer (MalUmGulFal) / Death (HelElVexOrtGul)


*Since the durability of the equipment mercenaries use doesn’t wear out, you always want to use Ethereal equipment on your mercenaries.


Many people have utilized act 2 mercenaries for a long time, as his aura is valuable and because he is the only mercenary that can equip polearms/spears. Since Infinity will be equipped by yourself, the act 2 mercenary can equip Insight, which generates mana. Paired with the Prayer aura, you won’t need to use any potions unless in critical situations. The best bases for Insight are Thresher, Great Poleaxe, and Giant Thresher.


There are several choices for the helms and armors, but Andariel’s Visage and Fortitude should always be your no.1 choice. The additional attack speed and life steal from Andariel’s Visage, and the enhanced damage from Fortitude is too big to ignore. Make sure you make a socket on Andariel’s Visage to equip a Ral rune or a jewel with +30% fire resist and 15% attack speed to make up for the -30% fire resist.




In the 2.4 patch, the rune word Plague (ChamShaelUm on sword) was added. Using the act 5 barbarian mercenary is to utilize Plague. The biggest benefit of using Plague is the Cleansing aura. The Cleansing aura reduces the duration of curses and poison effects — the debuffs are almost instantly removed. This is a big benefit for Sorceresses that rely on the Energy Shield for their tankiness. Some side benefits are the 20% chance of casting Lower Resist and the Taunt skill used by the barbarian mercenary. 


For the off-hand, weapons with Crushing Blow are highly recommended. Last Wish is your best choice, as it has the Might aura, Fade, and Life Tap, but it’s extremely expensive. Compensations can be King Slayer and Death.

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