The best builds in UNDECEMBER: getting the most out of your character

Source: LINE Games

When it comes to LINE Games’ new hardcore ARPG UNDECEMBER, the game’s most celebrated quality is its freedom. The game offers so many ways to customize your experience: how you approach the combat, what type of journey you want to have, and (arguably most importantly) how you want to build your character out. Compared to most games in the genre that you have you choose a specific class and follow a linear progression, UNDECEMBER is unique in offering a much more personal experience. 


With its classless system, the game allows you to create a character perfectly suited to your playstyle. If you love swinging an axe but still want to experiment with the game’s magic — that’s perfectly fine in UNDECEMBER. Building out a character in the way you see fit is a core philosophy of the experience.


However, some ways to build out your character are still stronger than others. While the game focuses on personal freedom, it still rewards taking a smart approach to how you build your character — finding a good combination of Runes and Gear can be the best way to have an enjoyable experience with the game. Thankfully, there are plenty of content creators and other community figures that have already shown off many unique builds to learn from. Inven Global presents some of the best build ideas in UNDECEMBER.  

The Whirlwind Build

The first idea that needs to be mentioned is Alchemists of Dm Gaming’s Whirlwind build. This is an extremely fun and effective way to play the game for those getting their first ARPG experience with UNDECEMBER. Playing as a melee physical warrior is probably the most simple way to enjoy an ARPG — this build dials the playstyle to eleven. By focusing on physical damage and resistance, the Whirlwind build allows you to engage in up-close fights as often as possible. 

The Toxic Flame Build

For those that like action, the general Toxic Flame build is an excellent choice. Playing with a Toxic Flame build is all about prioritizing movement — quickly attacking and running away from enemies to wait for them to inevitably die off. While it is a very effective strategy for most stages of the game, it will weaken over time later on. 

The Toxic Flame Whirlwind Build

For those wanting to combine the power of both standard builds, the Toxic Flame Whirlwind Build offers an excellent variant. Instead of focusing on pure damage, this version of the Whirlwind build works great for those that want to have a more fast-paced playstyle — instead focusing on clearing speed and damage per second. Though it will be more difficult to take out bosses compared to some other builds, it is definitely a fantastic way to speed through large portions of the game. 

The Standard Bow Build

For those that want to experiment with playing a ranged playstyle, the Standard Bow build will be great for most situations. The name of the game with this build is balance — it doesn't have many weaknesses, but is also not spectacular in many ways either. This will allow you to experience a ranged playstyle as safely as possible — definitely a good choice for beginners that want to try something new. 

The Insane Bow Build

Of course, for those that are more experience and want to take a more aggressive approach — this Bow build is a fantastic choice. It focuses on high damage per second and makes for a character that clears large portions of the game very quickly. It does in some cases make you vulnerable to bosses and other powerful enemies, but if you plan out fights well, it can be a very effective choice throughout all stages of the game. 

The Fireball Mage Build

As far as mage builds are considered — the Fireball Mage is a powerful and exhilarating choice. Your damage per second is incredibly strong, and you'll be able to go through the entire game taking advantage of this character selection. It is perhaps more mechanically intensive than a lot of the other builds mentioned — it requires a ton of casting all the time — but with practice, it is a blast to play with.

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