DRX Zeka: "When we lost two games, we joked about how we have to hold hands with DK on the plane back home."

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DRX reverse-swept EDward Gaming in the 2022 LoL World Championship to advance to the semifinals. It was a tough match for DRX as the two teams fought fiercely throughout the game. There were several critical moments for DRX, but all the time, it was Kim “Zeka” Geon-woo to the rescue, as he carried his teammates out of pinches. After the match, Zeka joined Jeesun Park on the LCK broadcast to explain how the series went.



Congrats on the win!


Thank you.


It’s the first time a 4th seed team reached the semifinals at Worlds. How do you feel?


Being the first is meaningful. I’m really happy that we turned the tides and pulled off a reverse sweep.


Going into game 3, were you confident that you could reverse-sweep?


Even when we lost the first two games, it was because we played bad, and it didn’t feel that they were too good, so we thought if we did better from game 3, we’d win.


It seemed that Deft nearly destroyed the Nexus in game 2, but the inhibitors respawned. How did it feel at that moment?


When the opponent went for Baron, we thought we couldn’t fight head to head, so Deft suggested we backdoor using Teleport. We almost got it, and that last auto attack went off, but the inhibitors respawned just before it hit. That was unfortunate, but I think we were able to win because we lost that game. We gave them two wins to catch them off guard.



BeryL showed diverse picks in today’s series. What was the main focus against EDG?


EDG has a strong bot lane in Viper and Meiko. Their laning ability is really good, so we faced them with strong laning champions in Heimerdinger and Ashe.


You started game 5 with a solo kill. Did that give you a good vibe from the start?


I was happy since the draft went exactly as I wanted. The moment I got the kill in the laning phase, I thought we would win.


And you super-carried your team through the game. How do you feel after that performance?


I’m really happy, but I shouldn’t be too excited since we have our next match. We’ll need to prepare for that too.


That last teamfight was really close as Pyosik stole the dragon soul, and you got a quadra. How was it?


We thought they would start hitting the dragon, so we tried to advance, but Kingen was cut off in mid lane. They started the dragon, so we tried to engage while Ezreal poked. Ezreal’s damage was good, and I saw a decent angle. My damage was really good, so we won the fight.


DWG KIA players and Keria came to cheer for you. Do you think you were boosted by their support?


We were. But when we lost two games, we joked about how we have to hold hands with DWG KIA on the plane back home tomorrow or go to Atlanta by winning.


It’s Deft’s birthday. A word to him?


Deft was ecstatic after we won. I felt great seeing that, and I’m so relieved that we won.


Starting from Play-ins in Mexico City and through New York, you’ll be heading to Atlanta. Maintaining good condition is important. What will be your main focus?


It was really tiring, from Mexico City to New York, but it was a fun journey. If we maintain our condition well as we did, we can win in the semifinals too.


Your semifinals match will be against Gen.G. What are your thoughts?


I think Gen.G is a really good team. Beating Gen.G would almost mean winning the championship, so I’ll work hard with that thought.

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