With a 3-0 victory over RNG, T1 becomes the first LCK team to beat an LPL team in a Bo5 since 2020

All photos credit goes to LoL Esports

The second quarterfinals match of the 2022 LoL World Championship saw two old rivals face each other once again on the international stage. This time around, T1 were the ones to come up victorious, as they defeated RNG 3-0 and punched their ticket to the semifinals of the tournament. 


T1 gained an early lead through their mid-bot lane, as they used the priority they had with Graves & Ashe-Heimerdinger to take control of the map. The first teamfight took place when both teams contested for the first Rift Herald of the game. T1 managed to secure the buff, but RNG were the ones that won the skirmish and had a kill score lead. T1’s jungler Oner used his priority to gain advantages in the top lane, but RNG answered back by securing drakes.


By the 20 minute mark, while T1 did have a 4K gold lead, RNG had two drake stacks. The small gold leads that T1 was gaining eventually led to T1 taking Baron, as they secured the buff with only T1’s top laner, Zeus, dying in return. With the power of the Baron buff, they were able to push their gold lead by 10K and were able to take game 1.

RNG managed to gain huge advantages in the top lane, as RNG’s jungler Wei successfully ganked Zeus’s Jayce, scoring a kill and burning his flash in the process. T1 tried to equalize with a gank in the top lane themselves, but a countergank heavily tipped the scale in favor of RNG’s top-jungle.


At this point, T1 needed time for their bot laner, Gumayusi, to hit his three-four item power spike. By killing off Xiaohu’s Sylas in the mid lane, pushing down the mid turret and even preventing RNG from taking the Baron Nashor, T1 were able funnel resources a lot quicker into Gumayusi to hit his power spike. By successfully trading Baron Nashor for dragon soul, T1 reduced their gold deficit even more. The Elder drake teamfight was the deciding point of the game, as T1’s Gumayusi outlived everything that RNG threw at him and played the teamfight to perfection. With Xiaohu’s Sylas getting caught out in the late game, T1 pushed down the mid lane to take the huge comeback victory.

Game 3 started off with a 2 vs 2 skirmish in the mid lane, as Xiaohu’s Sylas survived the initial gank from Oner’s Sejuani, while Faker’s Akali managed to waste RNG’s time via getting executed in the bot lane turret. RNG found a kill in the mid lane on Oner’s Sejuani afterwards, but T1’s bot lane rotated first to get the return kill on Sylas. T1 kept up the pressure to get the kill on Breathe’s Aatrox to gain tempo, but RNG found return kills in the bot lane to keep up. 


However, a successful dive on Breathe’s Aatrox, as well as the teamfight victory for the Rift Herald that followed put T1 gave them a 4K gold lead by the 16 minute mark. By the 20 minute mark, T1 was ahead 17-8 in kill score and had an 8K gold lead. The lead was enough for T1 to close out the game, getting their revenge victory from the MSI finals.

T1 3-0s RNG and becomes the first team since Worlds 2020 finals to beat an LPL team in a Bo5

With this 3-0 victory, T1 knocked RNG out of the tournament, and advance to the semifinals of the tournament, where they will face JD Gaming.


Image via LCK broadcast

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