T1 Faker: "Region rivalry isn't important, teams are, Given our current form, our team will beat anyone."

Photo via LoL Esports

It was a 3-0 shutout for T1 in their quarterfinals match against RNG, as the two old rivals met on the international stage once again at Worlds 2022. Despite RNG looking like they’ll be able to tie up the score 1-1 in game 2, T1 made a miracle comeback victory, carefully biding their time until their bot laner, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, hit his power spike on Xayah. T1 will be facing JDG in the semifinals, in Atlanta, Georgia.


After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Choi “Zeus” Woo-je joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park for a post-match interview.

Screengrabbed via LCK broadcast

Congratulations on the victory. This match was the MSI finals rematch, but the difference since then was huge. What was the biggest improvement in T1’s gameplay compared to back then?


Faker: We’ve improved a lot in our drafts and in our gameplay, as well as our teamwork. Our teamwork was on point as well, so that’s why we produced good results.


Zeus, game 2 was an unbelievable comeback victory. How did you manage to come back in game 2?


Zeus: Ever since MSI, I thought that Wei is really good at influencing the top lane, so I tried my best not to die, but Breathe traded very well in lane, and I ended up dying a lot. I almost lost myself mentally, but because of the crowd cheering for us really loudly, I was able to hold on and keep playing.


Zeus, how does it help you to play on the international stage alongside someone like Faker, who has a lot of international experience?


Zeus: [Laughter] Uh… He just has this aura around him that makes him feel very reliable. 


On the flip side, how does it help you, Faker, to have such a younger player playing alongside you by your side?


Faker: Everyone has a unique playstyle that stands out. I think that’s a huge strength of our team. As for Zeus, he’s a rookie that doesn’t play like a rookie.


[To Faker] T1 and RNG has a rivalry that dates all the way back to 2013, and you’ve been a part of that rivalry in every iteration of it. What’s the biggest difference for you as a player between 2013 and 2022?


Faker: Everything’s different. Not only did the players all change since then, I’ve also gone through significant changes since 2013 as well. 


[To Zeus] Your next opponents are JDG. A lot of people are looking forward to your matchup against 369. What are your thoughts on the matchup?


Zeus: Their top-jungle are very strong; 369 is good at bruiser champions, even champions like Gragas as well. We’ll need to prepare and play well.


[To Faker] You were there when LCK dominated the international scene. However, there have been more LPL victories in recent years. What are your thoughts on the LCK vs LPL rivalry this year?


Faker: I don’t think the regional rivalry isn't important. I think you have to look at the teams, and based on how we’re playing right now, I think we’ll be able to beat any team that stands in our way.

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