UNDECEMBER Weapons Guide

In the short time since its release, LINE Games' hardcore hack-and-slash ARPG UNDECEMBER has quickly gained prominence as one of the most exciting titles in the genre. With tons of interesting mechanics, the already respectable player base continues to grow. 


The game has a very strong emphasis on customization, with tons of interesting options such as Runes, the Zodiac system, and gear — all of them helping you build out a character suited to your playstyle. With gear, perhaps the most exciting aspect of this feature is the weapons. As an ARPG, UNDECEMBER offers tons of weapons to choose from to make your combat more effective and enjoyable. To make matters easier, here are the main items you will find, as well as insight on if it's the right item for you.


The Axe is a very solid melee weapon — one, though, that can be a bit risky. It deals strong damage and has a good critical hit rate — the latter, though, is perhaps too reliant on it for consistent damage. A strong weapon, but most suited for those that want to play with a high risk-return payoff.


The Blunt can be an extremely powerful weapon, but is one that requires situational awareness, as well as planning when using it in battle. While it's the highest damage one-handed weapon, it has very low attack speed. Feel free to use it, but make sure it's either in situations with a lower amount of enemies, or you have planned how you'll approach the situation.


The Dagger is for those that like to have a fast-paced and aggressive playstyle. It has low damage, but boasts very high attack speed. Consider using it in situations where close combat is required.


The scepter is good for those that want to balance between melee combat and casting magic. While it's good for casting magic, it has the added benefit of dealing a respectable amount of damage on its own. Great for those that want to build out a more balanced character.


Ah, the trusty sword. As far as items go, this is by far the most reliable choice to take advantage of. It has solid range and damage, and is very consistent. If you are a beginner that wants a safe and reliable choice (or you don't know otherwise what to pick), consider this.


The wand is a bit of a riskier choice in comparison to other magic-centered weapons. The biggest benefits are its high Critical Rate and attack speed, but it has the downside of not being as effective in its spell damage. It's the best choice for those that want to play a riskier style while also experimenting with the game's magic.


The obvious benefit of the Bow is that it allows for ranged combat. Depending on the area, this can be a good or bad thing — so decide when you want to take on this playstyle. It certainly is more different from most of the other weapons, so expect a longer learning curve.

Two-Handed Axe

If you want to deal a lot of damage, choose this one. That's all that needs to be said about it.

Two-Handed Blunt

The Two-Handed Blunt is perhaps the riskiest item to use in the game. It can deal tremendous damage — especially with its high Critical Rates — but it locks you into a pretty slow and inconsistent style. Not recommended for most situations.

Two-Handed Staff

If you want magic damage to be your primary strategy in combat, the Two-Handed Staff can be very effective. Though it has a lower attack speed, it dishes out more attack damage and spell damage than both the Wand and Scepter.

Two-Handed Sword

The Two-Handed Sword is simply a better version of the Sword. If you consider that your main source of combat, this could be a very good choice. However, UNDECEMBER certainly rewards more creativity and diversity in play, so consider some of the other choices before locking yourself into this one.

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