TOP Tian: “After we lost the first game, there was a pretty long silence.”

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Top Esports were eliminated from the 2022 LoL World Championship in the group stage. Although they defeated Rogue and DRX in their last two games, their journey was cut short due to an upset against GAM Esports. It was a tough break for jungler Gao “Tian” Tian-Liang, as he mentioned that he wanted to overcome the regrets from the last Worlds in an interview with Jeesun Park on the LCK broadcast.



Source: LCK Korea


Unfortunately, you weren’t able to make it into the quarterfinals, but you still showed how strong Top Esports is to Rogue and DRX. How do you feel?


I feel very regretful about the result, especially in the first round and the first game today. We didn't perform well. Especially, we didn't have good communication in the game. Even though we made adjustments after that, we weren't able to make it further into the tournament, so I feel really regretful.


Losing to GAM Esports was a big upset. How were you able to retrieve yourselves to win the remaining games?


After we lost the first game, there was a pretty long silence. It was a really difficult situation to make it to the quarterfinals after that. We just wanted to have the cleanest possible performance after that, so it could be like redemption for us.


Like you said, your performance against Rogue and DRX was very clean. It would have been regretful that your performance came up so late.


Definitely, it's really regretful. We finally made a comeback after dropping a really important game. We only showed a fraction of what we did in the scrims, and it's definitely really regretful.


Any last comments to all the fans that cheered for you?


Coming into Worlds 2022, I wanted to forget all the regrets I had last Worlds, but I didn't make it. I'm sorry, and thank you for all the support.


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