DK ShowMaker: "We felt that it was necessary for us to practice different champions [in the tiebreaker]."

Screengrabbed via LCK Broadcast

On day 6 of the 2022 LoL World Championship group stages, both DWG KIA and JD Gaming qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament. With DWG KIA winning the final match against JDG to tie up their win/loss records, they played a tiebreaker match for the quarterfinals seedings. JDG took the victory over DWG KIA in the tiebreaker, proving why they’re the #1 LPL seed of the tournament.


After the tiebreaker match, DWG KIA’s mid laner, Heo “ShowMaker” Su, joined Jeesun Park for a post-match interview.

Due to multiple members of DWG KIA testing positive for COVID, you all had to play remotely in an isolated space.


It wasn’t really uncomfortable, as Riot prepared the space really well. There were no problems playing from here.


DWG KIA performed very well throughout the day, but in the end, DWG KIA moved on to the quarterfinals as the second seed of the group. 


I did make huge mistakes at the very end, so it’s unfortunate that we moved on to quarters as the second seed. I believe that our team improved a lot, so we’ll learn from our loss against JDG and win our Bo5 in the quarterfinals.


Fans were very worried when they heard the news about the team testing positive. How are the players feeling at the moment?


Everyone’s saying that they’re alright, but the guys aren’t the type to say that they’re feeling sick out loud, so we’re doing everything we can to take care of ourselves. We have quite a bit of time until the quarterfinals start, so I don’t think there’s any need to worry.


DWG KIA chose red side for the tiebreaker match, and drafted Irelia in the top lane. What can you tell me about the draft?


We practiced quite a bit on the champions we drafted, and we felt that it was necessary for us to practice different champions. We also felt that Irelia fit the team composition against JDG in that match, so we drafted her for R5.


While DK’s bot lane did gain huge advantages in the bot lane, JDG also did the same in the top lane. What went wrong for the team?


While Aatrox did get fed, I made the mistake of letting him jump onto our Aphelios. A lot of the blame falls on me in that regard.


You did get solo kills, and set up a lot of the plays necessary for the team on Leblanc. What were some of the things you focused on during that match?


Leblanc’s role is to walk the rope while making the right plays for the team, so I tried to make something happen. However, I made critical errors in the process, so I feel very sorry for my teammates and the fans watching at home. I’ll make sure to learn from my errors and make sure to properly make those risky plays while not dying.


JDG’s Yagao mentioned in an interview that he wants to become friends with you. Did you know about this?


[Laughter] Yagao’s a very friendly guy, so I think it’s really nice of him to say that. While the tiebreaker was exciting, it's not fun when we lose [chuckle]. We’ll have to make sure that this doesn’t happen again in the quarterfinals.


This is your fourth consecutive year heading into the knockout stages. How will you approach Bo5s this time around?


We have a very wide champion pool, so we’ll make sure that we can gain advantages from the draft. As long as we don’t make critical errors, I think there’s a high chance that we’ll win in quarters.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


Thank you for getting up so early to watch our matches today. I heard that there’s a viewing party back in Korea, but I’m sorry that I ruined the viewing party in the end. I also heard that Ghost appeared on the LCK broadcast as a guest commentator, so I want to tell him that he also did a great job as well. 

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