T1 Gumayusi: "Only Faker seemed to be trying to help me get the penta."

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On Oct. 9, in the group stage of the 2022 LoL World Championship, T1 defeated Cloud9 to collect their second win of the event. Although they struggled a loss against Fnatic yesterday, they recovered and dominated the game. Near the end of the game, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong almost picked up a pentakill but couldn’t. He joined Sjokz and Jeesun Park after the match for a post-game interview.





Thank you.


The first thing I have to ask is, are you a little bit salty that you were not able to get the pentakill this game?


During the game, I was telling my teammates that I felt there would be a pentakill angle in this game, but only Faker seemed to be trying to help me get the penta. The enemy didn't help as well. [Laughs] I was a bit disappointed.


I know you have a long history with Berserker. How was it playing him?


The bot matchup was half-and-half, so it was fun. Berserker is a good player. Fighting.


There has been a bit of inconsistency on the side of T1 so far at Worlds. Two very convincing games and then not as convincing against Fnatic yesterday. Why do you think that inconsistency has happened so far?


I don't think our prowess can rise and drop in one day that drastically. Our match against Fnatic was sort of an accident. Also, Fnatic played well — Fnatic is good. I'll make sure that we finish our remaining games 3-0.


This group is a little bit crazy right now. Of the top three teams have all beaten each other. What are your general thoughts about the group and how it is going to play out?


My teammates and I discussed what would be better for us, Fnatic winning or EDG winning. But frankly, it doesn't matter. As long as we win all the remaining games, we can finish groups in 1st place, so we'll be doing just that.


Source: Riot Games

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