EDG Scout: "Since FNC had comfort picks, we trailed in macro a bit."

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On Oct. 9, EDward Gaming defeated Fnatic in the 2022 LoL World Championship group stage. With the win, they collected two wins in the group stage. Although EDG had an early lead, the game was close, as FNC’s counters were sharp. However, EDG managed to have the last men standing to collect the win. After the game, Lee “Scout” Ye-chan joined Jeesun Park for a post-game interview.



FNC was 2-0 before this game, and you gave them their first loss. How did you prepare to play against FNC?


Worlds is just beginning, and we tried to analyze the meta a lot. After losing to T1 on the first day, we mostly discussed the meta.


What was the concept of EDG’s comp today? How is Viktor?


Azir often appears in the current meta, and Viktor is a pick that can stand strong in the late game against Azir.


It seemed you considered Sylas as well, but picked Viktor. Was it because Viktor has better late-game value against Azir?


When we picked Viktor, we thought our late-game teamfights were pretty good, so we played towards that.


At this Worlds, the early-game skirmishes often decide the outcome of the game. Do you think that it was the same in this game?


Yeah, we took two kills during the invade phase, so we were able to start with a big advantage.


The mid-game, however, was rather close. What did you think?


Fnatic had a good comp in the first place. Since Fnatic had comfort picks, we trailed in macro a bit.


Source: LCK Korea


What was EDG’s main concept in today’s game?


We aimed to have decent teamfights with Yuumi and Viktor.


Group A is in chaos. How do you think it’ll go?


It will depend on how the four teams change through scrims before the last day.


Any last comments?


We’ll prepare well and win our remaining three games to advance in 1st place.

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