T1 Faker: "Once I got here, the memories started to come back... I have a good feeling this time."

Source: LoL Esports

On the first day of the group stage at the 2022 LoL World Championship, T1 defeated EDward Gaming in a breeze. For Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, being in NA was meaningful, as it was the last place he won Worlds. About this and the game, Faker spoke with Sjokz in a post-game interview.



How happy are you with the performance of the team here vs. EDG?


I'm happy that we won the first game clean. I think we played even better than we expected.


What was the focus of the things that you had to work on coming into Worlds?


We worked mainly on the teamwork we lacked and tried to prepare better to adapt to the environment.


There's a lot to say about Champions Queue. What do you think about Champions Queue and do you think it helped you in your practice for Worlds?


Since we could start practicing even faster, it was really good. It's helpful — the more you play, the more advantage you can get from it.


You're a three-time world champion. The last time you got to hoist the Summoner's Cup was here in NA. Do you feel some kind of good luck playing here in NA, and how do you feel about T1's chances this time?


I didn't really have clear memories about the venue, but once I got here, the memories started to come back. I think I can play in a better mood, and I have a good feeling this time.

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