[Guide] Survivor.io: Tier list for best weapons


In Habby’s newest game, Survivor.io, the choice of weapon and skill is extremely important in clearing stages and moving forward. That being said, there are multiple styles you can attempt through the combinations of weapons and skills. Technically, are no “bad skills”, but there are some better choices you can make according to which weapon you’re using. Currently, there are six weapons in the game, including the S-Grade weapon, Lightchaser. In this tier list, the weapons are classified into four tiers: S, A, and B.



The Lightchaser basically shoots out waves of light energy that eliminate most projectiles facing your way. The tooltip says that it triggers a backward slash every 5 attacks, but the “backward slash” actually means in all directions. Through this, you can attack in all directions without even aiming. When it’s evolved, the attacks get faster and stronger. This makes the Lightchaser the best weapon to clear waves.


Some control is still necessary for the Lightchaser, as it isn’t auto-targeted like the Kunai. Its biggest weakness is exposed when facing bosses. Since the attacks are panned out, it will be difficult to focus your damage on one target, so you’ll need to pick up skills that deal more damage on single targets.


As it is labeled as an “S Grade” weapon, the Lightchaser is rarer than the other weapons. You can gain an Excellent Lightchaser by doing the 7-day mission, but to upgrade it to Epic and Legendary, you’ll need more, and it’ll really be difficult to do so.



The Kunai is the only weapon that offers auto-targeting in this game. It shoots out darts that target the closest enemy. Upgrading the Kunai will give you extra darts. When you evolve the skill, the darts are changed into shurikens, which burst out like a machine gun, penetrating and dealing massive damage to the targeted enemy.


This makes the Kunai the best weapon against bosses. When you’re dodging attacks from the bosses and basically just trying to survive, it’s difficult to target your attacks at the bosses, so the auto-target makes it much easier to deal damage. 


However, as the Kunai hits enemies in one narrow line only, wave clear will become an issue. To resolve this matter, you’ll need to pick up skills that have more AOE damage.




The Revolver is a simple handgun that has great damage. The ammo is limited with the Revolver — you have five shots, and after it, you’ll have to reload. However, from the Excellent grade, you gain one ammo per every enemy you kill, and this will make it much easier for you to manage the weapon. Every upgrade will give you enhanced damage, and when you evolve the skill, you’ll get two revolvers that shoot at the same time (which actually is just double damage).


A single shot deals the most damage among all weapons in this game, if they are all in the same grade, so the Revolver is also a great weapon against bosses. Unlike the Kunai, you’ll have to aim the shot at the boss yourself, which makes it more difficult to play.


Also, although its damage may be massive, it still lacks AOE damage. To get to the bosses where the Revolver is the most effective, you’ll need to learn skills with AOE damage.


Baseball bat

The Baseball bat offers melee damage and knocks back the enemies that come close. It also inflicts Bleed starting from the Better grade and knocks back enemies further with the Excellent grade. Upgrading the weapon will give you more frequent swings and better damage. When it’s evolved to Lucille, the damage, cooldown, and range are all increased drastically. 


It has decent area control and can fight well against enemy waves. However, as the Baseball bat is a melee weapon, what you can do is limited. Even against bosses, you’ll have to get close to the boss to deal damage, so you’ll need to pick up skills for single targets.




The Shotgun has a short range and a pan of bullets being fired in the direction you’re aiming. Each upgrade gives it extra bullets and more damage, and when it’s evolved, it turns into a Gatling, shooting a stream of bullets in one line. Although dealing with single targets get better significantly, you instantly lose the AOE damage when it’s evolved.


The only advantage of the Shotgun is that the passive necessary to evolve it is the Hi-Power Bullet, which increases the attack damage. Besides that, it is a very difficult weapon to manage throughout the game.



The Katana is an underwhelming weapon in the game, as the Lightchaser does everything a Katana can do better. The shots are close-ranged, and it just shoots out forward and back. You gain additional blades with every upgrade, and the evolved skill, Demon Blade, really doesn’t change the weapon much. If you’re planning to play the game using the Katana, it is much more recommended to go with the Lightchaser — even the Excellent Lightchaser that you can gain by finishing the 7-day quest is better than an Epic Katana.

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