[TOKEN2049] Web3, NFT & Cryptocurrency — A look around TOKEN2049 Singapore


One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency events, TOKEN2049, was held at Singapore Marina Bay Sands over Sep. 28-29. TOKEN2049 is a global conference that covers blockchains, cryptocurrency, and premium Web3. People in the cryptocurrency industry around the world gathered to share their knowledge and discuss the ecosystem and trends. 


At this event, more than 3,000 people and 130 companies participated. Especially, Wemade joined the event as the main sponsor. CEO Henry Chang spoke about the stablecoin in his keynote speech, and director Robin Seo talked about Wemix3.0. Besides the sessions, Wemade opened a booth that showcased their new mainnet Wemix3.0 and Wemix dollar.



Let’s have a look at how it was at the scene.


There was a long line for registration at TOKEN2049.
Following the corridor, there were booths and auditoriums.
A session is being held in the main auditorium.
Many different sessions related to cryptocurrency, NFT, Web3.0, etc. were held.
Wemade's Henry Chang gave the keynote speech.
The booths in front of the auditorium was packed full of people as well.
And there were many booths about cryptocurrency.
Here's Wemade's booth. They were the main sponsor of the event.
Each company had an event and handed out merchandise.
Cute shirt!
The second stage in the booth area. Another session is in progress.
Many people were listening in here as well.
Robin Seo's session was held here too.
Within the booths, there was a small area to chill.
Hey! It's Doge!
And some figures...
The third session stage was also packed with people listening closely.
All kinds of NFT games were featured.
There were refreshments here and there.
There's always room for some fruit!
Care to play some hold'em with these neat cards?
Cool merch!
Some more games... Real is not enough!
Some nice catering for everyone.
This may be the best part. YUM.
See you at TOKEN2049 London!

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