DRX Deft: "This is my 7th Worlds; I hope it sticks in my memory as the best I ever did."

Source: Riot Games


On the second day of the 2022 LoL World Championship, DRX collected their second win by defeating Saigon Buffalo and set foot on the higher ground to advance to the group stage. This Worlds is more meaningful to Kim "Deft" Hyuk-kyu as it is the seventh World Championship for him. After their win against Saigon Buffalo, Deft joined Jeesun Park for an interview.



Congrats on today's win. How do you feel?


There aren't many chances to play Ezreal nowadays, but I got to play him in a decent situation, so it was fun.


Could you explain a bit more about the Ezreal pick? Why did you pick him?


A lot of ADCs were banned, and considering the opponent composition, I thought the laning would be alright, so we picked him.


This is your 7th Worlds. It's the same number of appearances as Faker and Impact. How does this Worlds feel?


Frankly, I thought I wouldn't be able to come this year, so I'm even happier.


You beat Saigon Buffalo quite quickly. What was the main focus?


We mostly tried to stop them playing their comfort picks and focused on our own composition. That worked out well.


As you said, you got here with the last ticket. You would be more desperate to reach higher rounds. What are your resolutions?


Rather than reaching a certain stage, I have a slightly different goal. Every time, after Worlds, I never felt that I did better than the previous Worlds. This is my seventh Worlds; I hope it sticks in my memory as the best I ever did.


You have so much experience at Worlds. Do you have any advice to the players who don't have much international experience?


The other guys are adapting better than I am, so I want to get advice from them. [Laughs] How do you sleep so well?

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