Wemade Robin Seo: “The digital world and reality will be connected through Wemix 3.0.”

One of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency events, TOKEN2049, was held in Singapore on Sep. 28 and 29. TOKEN2049 is a global conference that covers blockchain, cryptocurrency, and premium web3. The people in the cryptocurrency industry around the world gathered to share their knowledge as well as discuss the trend and ecosystem. This year, more than 3,000 people and 130 companies participated.


At TOKEN2049, Robin Seo, the head of business at Wemade, gave a keynote speech about “Wemix3.0: Impacting lives through games, DeFi, and DAOs.”



In the 70s, arcade games started off the history of gaming. Console games came in the 80s, and online games started to thrive in the 90s. Through this, esports culture was formed and developed. Afterward, mobile games rose. Now, P2E games, which crossed tokens and blockchain with games, have been on the rise.


Countless people play games, but only a part of them enjoy blockchain games. Why? About this, Robin said it’s because “the language of traditional gamers and blockchain gamers is different.” Traditional gamers are more interested in the gameplay and the game’s quality, but blockchain gamers focus more on the blockchains’ technology, proprietary assets, and economics.


Due to this difference, Wemade created a platform called “Wemix Play” to gather the two groups of gamers in one place while providing all of the values of gaming the two groups prioritize. About this, Robin mentioned Mir4 Global as an example of a game that fulfills both sides’ characteristics and provides additional value by the implemented blockchain system.


Robin said that the secret behind Mir4 Global’s success was because they thought “even P2E games have to have the gamability and value that fulfills traditional gamers’ needs,” and said that this value brought more positive results than expected.



According to the numbers, Mir4 Global hit 1.4 million concurrent users within 4 months of release and exceeded 20 million overall users globally. Based on this player pool, the game recorded $378M in token trade volume and $38M in NFT trade volume. The most expensive NFT was $428K. 



If the players had to spend time and money to play games and grow their characters before, now, the time they spend on games becomes an investment that can return a profit. This means that people have been starting to think that they’re “investing for profit” instead of “spending money on games”. 


“When well-made games and the blockchain economy are combined, mass adoption occurs.”



To activate this consuming pattern and make it easier to access, Wemade introduced the Wemix3.0 mainnet to provide three services: Wemix Play, Wemix Fi, and Nile. This is to connect diverse experiences to one by providing P2E games, Defi, DAO, and NFT services and, ultimately, to connect reality and the digital world.


“In Wemix3.0 mainnet, three main platforms are structured. Each platform has its own economy and ecosystem. Wemade’s goal is to combine all of this to maximize the synergy and create a mega ecosystem.”


Currently, Wemade has launched and is servicing 15 games on its blockchain game platform, Wemix Play. 31 more new games are waiting in line. Their goal is to launch at least 100 games by the end of this year.


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