DK ShowMaker: "G2 has definitely gotten much weaker compared to the previous years."

On Sep 22, all four of the LCK teams that are heading to Worlds 2022, Gen.G [#1 seed], T1 [#2 seed], DWG KIA [#3 seed] and DRX [#4 seed] joined various media outlets to answer questions about the upcoming tournament. Each team was given roughly 30-40 minutes to answer questions from the journalists present at the press conference.


The following is the Q&A session with LCK’s #3 seed, DWG KIA.

Before we start with individual questions, can you each share your resolutions for Worlds this year?

Daeny: I’m thrilled that we’re heading to Worlds this year, and I hope that we can beat T1 and Gen.G there, two teams that we haven’t been able to beat once this year.


ShowMaker: This is an opportunity that we worked hard to earn, so we’ll make sure to perform well.


deokdam: I’m really happy to be competing at Worlds for the first time. I hope to do well.


Burdol: I get to go with great teammates and coaching staff. I hope to do well there.


Nuguri: I’m excited to face strong teams at Worlds this year.


Canyon: I hope to work hard to produce great results.


Kellin: I hope to beat all the teams in our group.

[To Daeny] You stated that you want to beat T1 and Gen.G at Worlds. Do you think that DWG KIA will win Worlds if the team beats them?


What I meant was, given how seeding works at Worlds, there’s a high chance that we’ll face an LCK team after groups. While we don’t know how we’ll do against other teams at Worlds, I really want to beat T1 and Gen.G.


[To Daeny] While it hasn’t been long since patch 12.18 hit the live servers, there are champions that have definitely risen in tier. Do you think that the Worlds patch will allow DWG KIA to thrive at Worlds this year?


It’s only been a day since the patch went live, so I don’t know at the moment. While changes that come from the patch are important, I also believe that the synergy of the team is equally as important, so I’ll be making sure that we’re on top of both.

[To Canyon] The team’s facing JD Gaming in groups. Thoughts on the team and their jungler, ‘Kanavi’?


Both individually and as a team, they’re very formidable. They have great teamwork and level of focus. In terms of Kanavi, there’s a level of sharpness that you can’t really find in other players. I learned quite a bit from his plays, so he’s definitely someone I respect.


[To Daeny] How did you react when DWG KIA was drawn into the same group as JDG?


I think we were in the same group in 2020 as well. If we face them in groups, it means that we’ll face them much later in the knockout stage, so that’s definitely a positive.


[To deokdam] From your days on Team Dynamic in Challengers Korea to going to Worlds for the first time this year, how do you reflect on your journey?


It’s definitely been a long journey. I think that I haven’t had that good of a showing in the LCK, and my journey at Worlds will be much tougher. However, I have a feeling that I’ll do well at Worlds.


[To Nuguri] Many have chosen the LPL teams as their main competition at Worlds this year. Given how you’ve dipped your toes for a bit in the LPL, how do you rate the LPL this year?


I think that each region has their own characteristics; LPL teams are very good at skirmishing and teamfighting. I’d say that’s one of their biggest strengths.

[To Daeny] Given how you actively utilized both top laners during the regional qualifiers, how will you utilize them at Worlds this year?


I haven’t thought about this yet; we’ll need to scrim to figure that out. Also, I think that the time we have to scrim foreign teams will be very short, so I’ll be focusing more on the practice. It’s the head coach’s job to fully bring out the potential from both the top laners to produce the best win rate possible. That’s why it’s hard to say at the moment.


[To Burdol] How have you prepared differently for Worlds this year?


When I last played last year, I was quite nervous, so I felt that I didn’t play well. I’m going to make sure that I perform well this year. Also, I think that there are some flaws in my laning phase, so I’m going to make sure that I fix them by working with Nuguri.

[To ShowMaker] How do you feel about facing G2 Esports once again in groups this year?


While I don’t know just how much the experience plays a factor in the team’s performance, it’s also something that cannot be neglected. In terms of G2, they’ve definitely gotten much weaker compared to the previous years. They’re definitely beatable.

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