Riot Games release statement on GAM Esports visa issues for Worlds

Source: GAM Esports

According to an official press released on the LoL Esports Media Center, Riot Games continues to be optimistic regarding the GAM Esports attending the 2022 League of Legends World Championships, after a number of rumors and reports asserted that they failed to complete their visa applications. No representatives from GAM Esports have confirmed nor denied the rumors. 


The statement released on September 10 reads, "We've been working with the government representatives on VCS visa applications, and we remain hopeful that the VCS champion team, GAM, will be able to participate in Worlds this year." 


According to a report by, GAM Esports "received the visa failure result after the first interview with the US Embassy in Hanoi. The reason why GAM Esports failed to get a visa to go to the US was not disclosed specifically."


Over the past few years, the Vietnamese region has been unable to attend major international League competitions on a number of occasions due to restrictions. Saigon Buffalo broke the streak of absences at MSI 2022 — a strong tournament performance many saw as one of the biggest surprises of the tournament. Many were excited to see GAM Esports compete at Worlds, considering they were seen as the best team throughout the year's Vietnam Championship Series.


The VCS champions are one of the two teams that will represent Vietnam at Worlds. GAM Esports — formerly known as GIGABYTE Adonis Marines — are one of the most successful teams in Vietnamese League of Legends. During VCS 2022's Spring Season, GAM Esports posted an incredible 14-0 series record during the regular season (compared with Saigon Buffalo's 9-5 record) and only lost one game in their playoff victory.  The team continued its dominance going into the summer's competition, and managed to win the 2022 VCS Summer Playoffs. 

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