Seven most unexpected matches in esports history - Miracles of Esports

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Esports is a shortened word for electronic sports while the learning curve is easy, mastering the game mechanics is a bit hard, though. It was first played individually and in teams in the early 2000s, until the industry truly took it off in 2010, by then, game developers are assiduous working on the code for esport tournaments.


Video games like CS:GO are mostly associated with esports, which is a tech-driven sector. In short, the industry consists of highly professional gamers with millions of viewers all over the globe.  Learn more about the most memorable esports matches in history!


Only Top-tier Professional Gamers Make the Cut

To get up there with the best professional esports gamers, players have to train for up to 14 hours every day. This is because honing their reflexes and multi-tasking abilities are imperative to grabbing those wins.


Successful pro gamers can earn six figures a year, and depending on how skilled they are, that figure can quickly rise to millions a year. Luckily, it doesn't matter if the gamers are tall, short, strong, or weak; all that matters in an esports match are their skills.


Qualifying Esport Games

The qualifying esports games include NBA2K, FIFA, League of Legends, Counter-Strike GO, and DOTA. Games like Battlefield 1 aren't as popular because wins are luck-based rather than skill-dependent.


7 Most Unexpected Matches in Esports History - Miracles of Esports

Follow our breakdown of the most unexpected matches in esports history.


Legendary Match 1

One of the historical matches occurred between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. The chosen game was Street Fighter III, otherwise known as Third Strike.

The match took place in the 2004 EVO World Championship Finals, and the event was watched by more than 20 million, making it the most competitive gaming moment of all time.

Legendary Match 2

During the 2008 SCSA West Coast Circuit, the SSBM moment was created between SilentSpectre and Tang versus Lucky and Zhu. The whole congregation went wild, and even the anchor people seemed awestruck after FOX hurled his first rival up in the air for Falcon to achieve his patented knee smash (AKA The Knee of Destiny).


Legendary Match 3

The match was a pressured one between Cooller versus Cypher. The 2010 QuakeCon Finals came with a prize pool of $25,500. And while Cooller wanted an easy win, propelling the casino with a 2-1 lead. But Cypher's defensive tactics pushed the two competitors into two solid extra battles.


Legendary Match 4

With SKT versus ROX, the game of choice was League of Legends. Both teams exchanged painful punches, though SKT’s long games paid off in the end. SKT ended up beating ROX during S6 Worlds 2016 Semifinals and won a prize pool of $2,130,000.


Legendary Match 5

At the 2011 Final Round Tournament, the contest battle was held between Marn and Combofiend. The game of choice was Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. And in the end, Combofiend won the match during the third round, which was already declared for his opponent! The tension was high, and the anger was intense, making this one of the most incredible moments of all pro-gaming competitions.


Legendary Match 6

During the European VALORANT Regional Masters tournament, which was held in March 2021, teams like Team Liquid, G2, Fnatic, and Team Vitality all fell during the Challengers stage. That left the Heretics, FPX, NiP, and Acend.


Not many people have heard about Acend, which formed only a few weeks before the tournament. The team was previously known as Raise Your Edge. Despite their status as an underdog, Acend managed to beat every single team in the competition to bag the win.


Legendary Match 7

ENCE stole the hearts of their fans at the IEM Katowice Major in 2019. Under the leadership of Aleksib, they beat top-tier teams like Team Liquid, Na’Vi, and Astralis to win the CSGO tournament. In short, despite the esports predictions from fans of the game, ENCE successfully cemented their place in History.


How Are Legendary and Why Do They Bring Lots of Emotions to the Fans and Pro Players?

Naturally, humans are naturally emotional. Otherwise, such reactions from an esports match wouldn't have been possible. And since these emotions can't be controlled, watching a recap of these matches will still leave players stunned.


The existence of such emotions erases rationalism. And yes, emotions do throw many predictions on CSGO matches off. At least for the fans who are rooting for one of the competitors. As a result of the constant praises, the professional gamers themselves get hyped up to deliver stellar performances.


Our Final Say

Each team will determine the difficulty of each match in an esports game, and each team has its strengths and weaknesses. And judging by the unpredictable nature of esports, the winner of any historical moment we mentioned above could have been anybody.


We believe esports will directly compete against traditional sports leagues in terms of future opportunities. This includes revenue, advertising, and merchandising. For one, more people watched the 2016 League of Legends world finals than the NBA Finals of the same year.

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