Asia Star Challengers Invitational kicks off on Sep 12 with opening match between DK.CL vs FPXB

The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release

More details on the Asia Star Challengers Invitational have been announced. Riot Games announced that the opening match of the Asia Star Challengers Invitational would be between LDL’s FunPlus Phoenix Blaze vs LCK CL’s DWG KIA Challengers, taking place on Sep 12.


The secondary leagues all around the Asian regions [LCK CL, LDL, LJL.A, PCS.A, and VCS.B] each have their top teams representing in this tournament. Alongside the top teams, there will also be two streamer teams, each coming from Korea and China respectively. There will be a total of 16 teams competing in this tournament, divided into four groups. 

Screengrabbed via Leaguepedia
Screengrabbed via Leaguepedia


The group stage is a Bo1 double round robin, where the top two teams of each group will advance in a single Bo5 elimination bracket. The 1st place team of each group will be drawn to play 2nd place teams that’s advancing from other groups.


The group stages will start on Sep 12 and end on Sep 15. Quarterfinal matches will take place from Sep 16-17 & Sep 19-20. The semifinals will be on Sep 22-23, and the grand finals will be on Sep 25. Due to the ongoing pandemic [COVID], all matches will be online.

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