Ranking The Most Expensive Items In CSGO

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This article is all about categorizing different Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Skins on the basis of their prices, colors, textures, and types. There are different CS: GO skins available that vary from one another in the form of pricing and types.


CS: GO is a gaming adventure that includes cheap and expensive items which are bought by the players. This trading and shooting game is very famous and becomes very interesting when players buy weapons or skins. If you are wondering what CS: GO skins are worth, then you must read this article to know about their prices. The crazy fans of this game often buy expensive skins to show how competent they are. If you are looking for the best place to buy CS:GO skins, visit Farmingless.com. They have reviewed and compared all major CS:GO skin selling sites in one place.


CS: GO is one of the oldest and most technical shooter games — within this game, skins or weapons can be sold, purchased, or traded for thousands of dollars. As this game has a huge fan following,  the die-hard fans spend a shocking amount of money. 

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Expensive CS: GO Skins

Here, is a list of some of the most expensive CS: GO skins whose marketplace is huge, but can alter with time and demand.

Souvenir AWP Dragon

It's a sniper rifle, which is considered the most famous gun. Its skin can be sold at a very high price due to its demand and fan-following. This AWP dragon weapon performs amazingly in the field while shooting. And it is also known as an iconic weapon. Its features and skin type also make it worth a million dollars. Therefore, its price might range from $70,000 to $100,000. Red and beige finishing and upper texture give this skin a new look.

Karambit Case Hardened

The Karambit case-hardened skin is worth $100, 000, which makes it the most expensive skin of all. This is famous because it is quite a rare knife and in CS: GO when a weapon becomes rare it becomes extremely expensive. If you are looking for the most expensive item on CS: GO — this is the one. It is an in-game skin which has also received an offer of over $1.4 million.

AK-47 Case

Case-hardened skin is newly manufactured whose value is also quite high as compared to other CS: GO skins. The scar pattern and clear, bright-blue color make it quite rare. It is actually a part of the arms collection and can be easily found in a CS: GO weapon case or marketplace. It costs around $190 to $350. While the AK-47 with a rare golden scar pattern is no less than $30, 000.

Wild Lotus AK-47

An AK-47 in the form of a wild lotus design is also a newly manufactured weapon, which is also considered the most popular one. People usually buy this kind of weapon more than all the other types of weapons. Its floral, blooming design with the white clear base gives it a pretty look. The price estimate of this specific skin is around $7,000 to $10,000. If you want to spend more on this weapon, you can also buy expensive stickers to put on it.

AWP Gungnir

Here is another AWP skin, which is also a gun and is a factory new addition to the weapon clans. It is also the most bought skin of all. The print and design over it give it a perfect outlook and appearance to attract admirers. It represents different mythologies as multiple scriptures and markings are being done over it. Its cost might vary from $7,500 to $15,000.

Butterfly Knife

It is a lore knife, which is known as a ‘Butterfly knife’. It is indeed the most famous knife in CS: GO. It is a crowd favorite because of the animation and its design. Its cost varies from $6,000 to $7,750. It is a tough knife that is very popular and kills the opponent attacker easily. Moreover, it is a part of the dreams and nightmare collection, which makes it even more high-quality.

M4A4 Howl

A factory new addition that belongs to AK-47 weapon types. This version of guns is currently the most expensive one. However, its cost is $14,000 or more. A custom-painted image is being printed on the gun, which makes it even more popular. Besides, it belongs to the huntsman collection that was released in 2014. Players like to use weapons like this, therefore, their value and worth are increasing with every use.

M9 Bayonet Web

The M9 Bayonet is another very famous knife that is composed of a crimson web design. This knife is covered with a red base, semi-gloss topcoat, and a spider web design that makes it quite popular amongst players. Knives are considered quite expensive due to their use, design, rarity, and performance. Its cost also might vary from $7,500 to $12,000.

AWP Medusa

Here comes another most famous and expensive CS: GO skin item that is a fabulous gun, which is popular as well as valuable. It was basically added to the Gods and Monster collection in 2015. Moreover, it is also composed of some mythical creates and patterns with a blue finish. Therefore, its cost might vary from $3,500 to $5,000.

Crimson Web Karambit New

This is another crimson web knife that also belongs to the same collection as the other ones. They are the favorite weapons of the players and are used in the game because of their appealing features and patterns. Its cost varies from $3,500 to $9,000. It has a specific spider web pattern and is super expensive.


The list of the most expensive CS: GO skin or items might fluctuate depending on various reasons. But this list of weapons is considered the most popular and expensive weapons of CS:GO for the year 2020 and 2021.


CS: GO has its own specific economy, according to which the prices and popularity of the CS: GO skins can also vary. So, in this game, nothing remains constant.

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