Ranking the Top 5 Best Mobile Shooters

Source: Riot Games

Welcome to Mobile Game Monday! Every Monday, we will release a ranking of five of the most exciting mobile games in a particular genre.


This week, we're going to tackle mobile shooters. Shooter games are one of the popular and prominent genres in the mobile game genre. Several of the largest game developers in the world have expanded into the new market, and have released a number of compelling titles to choose from. Although there are countless titles on the market, Inven Global presents our top five best mobile shooters. 

Source: Hyper Front

5. Hyper Front

Riot Games' VALORANT is without a doubt one of the most popular and beloved FPS titles to be released in recent memory. It's an excellent tactical shooter that still maintains its own identity. Fans have already been begging for a mobile version of the title to be released — something the public still does not have a beta for.  Thankfully, though, Hyper Front provides fans of tactical shooters with a very worthy substitute.


To be honest, the game is a pretty blatant carbon copy of VALORANT. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth playing. The game does a great job scratching the itch VALORANT fans that want to play on mobile have, and the aesthetic brilliance of the title speaks for itself. Definitely a title worth exploring, and one worth looking into despite being such a new release.

4. Call of Duty: Mobile 

Source: Activision Blizzard

For fans of the ever-popular Call of Duty franchise, Call of Duty: Mobile is a very impressive feat. It's able to achieve its objective of making a faithful port for the mobile phone, while still adjusting the gameplay enough to be different from its PC and console counterparts. The graphics are definitely a standout, and the level progression keep the gameplay engaging and interesting. The only aspect preventing the game from ranking higher is the controls — something that is inferior to the other titles on this list.

3. FRAG Pro Shooter

Source: BiBi

What allows FRAG Pro Shooter to stand out as a title compared to the others on this list is its concept. Whilst most of the others try to serve as faithful mobile adaptations to the games that can be found on home consoles and the PC, FRAG Pro Shooter stands out as a game the flexes at least a fair amount of originality. Sure, the game is basically a marriage of Overwatch and Clash Royale. However, it's a gameplay experience that you won't be able to find anywhere else, and the game's team still regularly provides updates to continue building on the concept. 

2. PUBG: Mobile

Source: PUBG Studios

There have been few gaming juggernauts in recent years that have been as impressive as PUBG: Battlegrounds. The series is arguably the most played game in the world, and PUBG Mobile continues to crush records for what is possible with a mobile game. The gameplay is standard battle royale action, but is something PUBG has always stood on the forefront of. If you are someone that has not been able to experience this game type, this is definitely the one of choice. 

1. Apex Legends Mobile

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Mobile was in development for quite some time — it was worth the wait. The game is an excellent adaptation of the original magic found in Apex Legends, and is easily one of the best mobile games currently on the market. While the controls still haven't been perfected, Respawn Entertainment has done a great job maintaining the fun movement that makes Apex Legends special, and overall makes for a fantastic title. 



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