Four ways to get free gold in the World of Tanks

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The World of Tanks economy is based upon two primary currencies: credits and gold. Both of them are valuable commodities, allowing you to perform certain actions or equip yourself with useful in-game items.


Credits can be used to pay for repairing tanks after battles. If you left them damaged, you will have to start the next battle with the same amount of HP as you left the previous one.


Credits are also used for purchasing consumables or training your crew. In Standard game mode, they can be earned in Random battles and by completing missions.


Unfortunately, things are different when it comes to gold.


It is also a mighty resource as it allows you to purchase valuable items, for example:


  • Premium vehicles
  • Premium account
  • Vehicle slots
  • Improved Pass


Unfortunately, gold cannot be earned in Standard game mode. Usually, it is purchased in the Premium store, but there are also a few ways to get free gold for the World of Tanks.

1# MillionPugs cashback platform

The MillionPugs cashback platform is a start-up enabling gamers to gain content for their favorite games in exchange for reward points earned by shopping online at almost two-thousand affiliated brands from various industries.


The idea is that you shop online, activate deals prepared for MillionPugs users, collect points, and redeem them for in-game items, such as gold, Premium Tanks, or boosters for the World of Tanks.


The service is fully legit and free-of-charge. Therefore, all you need to do to start earning reward points is to create a MillionPugs account and start activating deals.

The MillionPugs plugin makes things easier

It is also worth mentioning that the optimal way to take advantage of the platform is to install the MillionPugs browser extension. It will notify you about available deals every time you visit any of the stores that collaborate with MillionPugs.


Therefore, the browser extension prevents you from missing out on any opportunity to increase the number of reward points in your account and get the desired gold, or Premium Tank for the World of Tanks.

Tournaments missions

As already stated, gold cannot be granted as a prize for completing missions in Standard game mode. Nevertheless, there are also special missions that are an element of weekend or week-long tournaments.


Such special events are organized on a regular basis. As a participant, you complete various missions — for example, Daily Missions that grant prizes. As a result, you may earn gold, a Premium Account, or various kinds of tanks.

Bootcamp missions

Another source of free gold in the game are boot camps. They function as a tank school, but with prizes for completing challenges.


Boot camps offer various missions in multiplayer and cooperative battles. If you participate in them and win, you can get rewards such as gold, rare tanks, or key cards.


Consequently, boot camps can also equip you with a solid boost of gold, but also with other fancy in-game content.

Ranked battles

Last but not least, you can earn gold in Ranked battles which are available for researchable and collectors' vehicles.


These are special seasonal competitive battles, where the most powerful tankers combat against each other. A matchmaker assembles teams from players with equal skill levels. Participants level up with Ranks and Divisions. In the end, the best ones are moved to the Prize League and are rewarded with prizes, such as:


  • Gold
  • Premium account
  • Equipment
  • Consumables
  • Personal reserves
  • Garage slots

Summing up, gold is one of the primary currencies in the World of Tanks. You can use it to purchase Premium account, Premium tanks, Improved Pass, or consumables. Although Standard missions and battles don’t grant this commodity, there are free ways to earn gold.


You can take advantage of the cashback platform MillionPugs and earn gold by shopping online in your favorite stores. Nevertheless, you can also opt for in-game options, such as participating in tournaments and completing missions, bootcamps, or winning in Ranked battles.

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