Diablo 4 devs promise that there will be no pay-for-power options


Recently, Blizzard posted some updates about Diablo 4 on their official homepage. The updates they shared were mostly about directions and plans for the live service of the game. Diablo 4 game director Joe Shely explained that Diablo 4’s seasons are modeled after Diablo 3 and that there will be four seasons per year — the first starting shortly after the official launch. Like in the previous series, players will have to create new season characters to participate in the new season.


The paragon points will be capped, so the players’ skills and analyses will decide how strong a character can become. That being said, they mentioned that all sources of character power will come from the game, and therefore, in Diablo 4, pay for power cannot be achieved.



Product director Kegan Clark said, “Diablo IV will be a full-price game with a Cosmetics Shop and Season Pass — none of which provide any pay-for-power options,” explaining that the development team’s goal for the in-game purchases will be limited to just beautiful things which adds value to the players’ experience.


The season passes will feature free tiers and premium tiers. The players can always obtain the free tier rewards from the season pass, and they can also purchase the premium pass whenever during the season. Also, the free tiers will provide a boost for all players, which will aid their journey of leveling up faster. 


The premium pass rewards are focused on aesthetics, and the premium currency obtained through the passes will be used in the premium shops to purchase cosmetics. Using the premium shop is optional, so it will not affect the gameplay in any way. The cosmetics aren’t exclusive to the shop as well. Hundreds of transmogs will be available from just playing the game.



Associate game director Joe Piepiora added on about the details for the season. Whenever players finish a chapter in the season, they can receive limited-time rewards. Joe also emphasized that they will hold Diablo 4 to a very high standard. “Based on feedback that we receive, the team will identify quality-of-life features and polish work that can be done to improve the overall game experience and invite the community to vote upon their priority,” he said.


Diablo 4 will be released next year, and more information is available on Blizzard’s official homepage.



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