DK ShowMaker: "I want to beat T1 by performing at a level where other playoff teams will fear us."

On day 42 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, DWG KIA defeated Kwangdong Freecs in the first match of the day, with a set score of 2-0. With this victory, DWG KIA holds an advantage in the 4th-6th place seeding for the upcoming playoffs.


After the match, Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined Inven for an interview. As he played remotely due to catching COVID, he did not look like he was back to his 100% physical form.


He shared, “I felt really sick while playing remotely. I felt really sick when the matches went to game 3.  Right now, I don’t think I got that much better since then. I can still play, but I haven’t fully recovered.”


The following is the full interview with ShowMaker.

Thoughts on taking the 2-0 victory tonight?


We have an advantage in the playoffs race because of our 2-0 victory, so it feels really good.

What was the internal feedback while the team was on a losing streak?


Right now, bot laners are at the center of the meta, so we tried playing around our bot lane, but it didn’t work out. However, it doesn’t mean that we changed that direction, because that’s just how the meta is right now. So, we just try to help our bot lane as much as we can.


You had to play remotely because you caught COVID. Physically, how are you feeling at the moment?


It doesn’t feel like I’m suddenly better after a week. I don’t think I’ve physically recovered too much since then. I can still play the matches, but I’m not back to my peak. I was really sick when I had to play remotely. Rather than feeling the comfort of playing remotely, I really just wanted to get some rest. Before the match, I told my team, “If the matches go to game 3, I can’t physically keep up, so it’s a bit risky”. I really did feel sick whenever I had to play game 3s.


Tell us about the Ahri pick for both game 1 and 2. Why did you decide to play Ahri both games?


She’s a very versatile champion. Her weakness is with her somewhat weak laning phase, but if I coordinate well with the jungler and get through it well, I feel she’s a very good champion right now.


What are your thoughts on the Ahri vs Azir matchup, a matchup that we see quite often?


When Azir uses W-Q-AA to trade in lane, he stutters a bit. That’s when Ahri’s trade window is. When Ahri uses W, she gains a burst of movement speed, so if you can gain an advantage in that window, the matchup is playable. You have to be very smart with Ahri’s W usage.


DWG KIA’s was a tough one for most of game 2. What was the game plan to come back?


Sivir got really fed; if you interpret that in another way, it just means that without Sivir, they had nothing. We tried to hide our positioning to make Sivir as uncomfortable as possible. Canyon, Nuguri and I had the most freedom in how we can position, so we kept talking about how we’re going to kill her.

How did the team react when Canyon made the insane ‘Insec’ on Sivir?


All our inhibitors were down, so we had to make a play, or we’d be in a huge disadvantage. I told them that we had to make a play now, and the play turned out well. Canyon did play that very well, and there was a bit of luck involved as well.


DWG KIA’s last regular split match is against T1.


We lost to T1 too many times this year. I think we never beat them, so I really want to beat them this time. I want to beat T1 by performing at a level where other playoff teams will fear us.

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