LSB Prince to the team owner: "We beat T1 today... I’ll look forward to a hefty bonus."


On Aug. 10, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, Liiv SANDBOX swept T1 2-0. With their win, they secured 3rd place and a spot in the Regional Qualifiers regardless of the remaining matches. The Players of the Games were Lee “Clozer” Joo-hyeon and Lee “Prince” Chae-hwan, and Prince climbed to the top of the POG leaderboard today with 1,200 points. After the match, they joined Yoon Su-bin for an interview.



Today’s game was really important for LSB. You’ve secured 3rd place and a spot in the Regional Qualifiers as well. How do you feel?


Clozer: It was an important match, but fortunately we won. I’m very relieved.


Prince: As Clozer said, today’s match was important. I’m happy that we had a clean 2-0 win against T1, who is a very strong team.


It should be more meaningful for Clozer since it’s your previous team. 


Clozer: Yeah, I really wanted to beat them, so I’m glad that I finally did.


(To Prince) By getting voted as the Player of the Game today, you’ve reached 1st place in the POG standings.


Prince: Zeus and I were tied at 1,100 points, so I thought that if either of us wins, we could rise to 1st place.


You’ve returned to LoL Park now. Are you more energized when you play in front of a crowd?


Prince: I definitely get much more energy when I play in front of a crowd.


There was a lot at stake in today’s match. Did you feel pressured?


Clozer: Since today’s match was really important, I was a bit nervous, but I’m relieved that we won.


Prince: Although I might have won a few games against T1 before, I lost many more games. I don’t think I beat them because I played well, so I’m happy that I finally got them.


T1 had several champions that can counter Ahri. How did you play?


Clozer: I scaled really well, so if I go in confidently and survive, I thought Sivir would carry.


The Jinx vs. Aphelios matchup this season was 12-3, and Aphelios was on a 6-game losing streak. Were you aware of that record?


Prince: I was confident in playing Aphelios, and since my teammates did their roles well, we were able to win.


Kael earned the nickname, LoL angel. Do you have any comments about him?


Prince: Usually, Kael is kind of like an ogre because he just sits next to me quietly, but I’m really happy to see him so excited after today’s win.


The owner of SANDBOX is here today to watch. He promised a bonus if LSB wins today. A word to him?


Prince: We beat T1 today, so I believe that the bonus would be as big as what T1 gives. I’ll look forward to a hefty bonus.


Clozer: Since we beat T1 today, I’ll be thankful if he buys us something delicious.


You’ve beat the playoff teams in order, and now, your last match is against Fredit BRION.


Clozer: When I watched their game against Gen.G, they were really good. Since it’s our last match of the season, I’ll prepare well so that we can win.


Prince: In the previous match, Fredit BRION didn’t trail in global gold at 10, 15 minutes. I think we need to prepare well.


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