KT VicLa: "We have a good chance to beat LSB and GEN."


On Aug. 4, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, KT Rolster defeated Fredit BRION 2-1 and collected their ninth win of the season. Through the win, KT secured a spot in the playoffs. After the match, KT mid laner Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


It was an important match for us as we secured a spot in the playoffs, so I’m really happy that we won. 


Your performance on Ahri was great. How do you evaluate your own performance?


My movements could have been much sharper, and I needed to attempt more plays. I’ll need to polish my performance more for the next match.


It’s your first time reaching the playoffs. How do you feel about that?


I’ve been on KT since my debut, and the team wasn’t able to reach the playoffs. I’m happy and proud that I helped the team reach the playoffs.


Which moment was the most important for KT’s playoffs run?


It was our match against Nongshim RedForce. Against them, we turned around a game we nearly lost, and I think we learned a lot from that game.


It seems you play better when you play Ahri.


There are no risks when Ahri attempts to initiate a fight, so I think that goes well for me. I always try to make plays, so I just go for a play, and if it doesn’t work, I just move out.


Your remaining games are tough, but you have a good chance to win since KT has been doing well recently. What do you think?


It’s a tough schedule for sure, but if we prepare well and clean up our plays, we have a good chance to beat Liiv SANDBOX and Gen.G.


In the long run, you should be aiming for Worlds. Realistically, how much of a chance do you think you have?


I don’t think that it’s very high, but if we can maintain our current pace, we still have a chance.


Many people say that you’ve improved rapidly this season. How would you rank yourself among the mid laners of the LCK?


I’ve been improving over the summer, so I think I’ve become a decent mid laner now.


What’s the biggest difference between now and when you were first called up?


When I was first called up, I wasn’t able to read the game or its tempo, but now, I think I’ve learned to see the game as a whole. The coaches and other players teach me a lot, so I always try to improve myself through their feedback.


Any last comments?


Our next match is against Liiv SANDBOX, who are doing really well. We need to prepare well to beat them. Also, I’d like to thank all the fans that cheer for us. I’ll try to show how well KT can do this summer.

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