LCK Summer 2022 Recap: Gen.G take down T1

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Source: LCK

The hottest rivalry in LCK has seen a new page turn today as Gen.G takes down the ruling LCK champions, T1, for the first time in more than a year. Previously, T1 triumphed over Gen.G seven times in a row  — most notably taking down GEN in Worlds 2021.


The long-awaited match peaked at 270,000 viewers on Twitch and YouTube — effectively becoming the most-watched match of the Summer Split.


This was certainly a must-watch match. However, if you were unlucky enough to miss the event on the livestream, here’s a very short summary of what exactly went down in the games:

Game One: The Close One

GEN.G open up with a niche Akali counter pick against T1’s Gwen. A great choice considering how important Zeus is for T1’s win condition. Somehow, T1 generate a 1,000 gold lead before pre-5 without taking any plates or objectives. T1’s global ult combo made GEN Doran’s life pure hell, completely invalidating Akali’s sidelane presence.

Source: LCK

A crucial Skarner ult — another new pickup on LCK arena — on T1’s Zeus turned the game around. Since Gen.G were able to take down two of T1’s carries, they were able to secure the Hextech Soul and Baron unopposed — taking a firm lead in the game. At that poin,t the game was in Gen.G’s bag.


TL;DR: T1 put all their eggs into a single “early roam” dominance basket with picks like Nocturne and Twisted Fate. These picks worked great early on, allowing them to accrue a 3K gold lead pre-15. However, a series of positioning mistakes by T1's Gumayusi and Zeus eventually turned the game in favor of Gen.G – and they didn’t let go of their advantage until T1’s Nexus exploded.

Game Two: The Not So Close One

After the crazy picks we saw on map one, both teams reverted to more traditional compositions with the good old Azir, Gnar, and Ahri.


Both teams played a traditional, safe LCK game – that was broken wide open at the twenty minutes. A standoff over the Mountain Drake ended in a massive teamfight victory for GEN’s side; Ruler added another Pentakill (followed shortly by a Quadrakill in the next teamfight) to his trophy shelf – this time on Zeri.

Source: LCK

TL;DR: A classic KARAM (or, rather, Korean Dragon Standoff) ended swiftly in Gen.G’s favor. In but one moment, T1’s formation was utterly destroyed, and the game could’ve been declared over at 20 minutes.

The Aftermath

Gen.G now firmly takes the lead in LCK Summer 2022 leaderboard. Ruler’s performance earned him another POG (Player Of The Game) title, and he is now tied with T1’s Zeus in first place on the POG leaderboard. Last but not least, members of Gen.G team have vowed to give a karaoke performance at T1’s headquarters if they win this match – so expect some silver voices coming.





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