T1 Faker talks about getting 4,000 assists, patch 12.13, and their next match against GEN


On Jul. 27, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, T1 defeated KT Rolster 2-1 and collected their 12th win of the season. Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok had a great performance playing Galio and Orianna and was voted as the Player of the Game for game 1. After the match, Faker joined the media room to talk to the press.



Congrats on the win. How do you feel?


I’m happy that we beat KT. We have a lot of 2-1 wins recently, but I’ll make sure that we win 2-0 next time.


KT seems to be stronger than before, but T1 was one step ahead. When was the key moment of the match?


We benefited a lot during skirmishes and countered well through macro.


You’ve become the second player to collect 4,000 assists in the LCK.


I’m not too excited about assists, but I do feel good that I gained another positive record.


This week’s patch is 12.13. What has changed in mid lane?


Some mid lane champions were patched, but any champion can be played in mid lane in the current meta. It’s not too different from before.


KT’s mid laner has changed from round 1. VicLa has been getting great evaluations as a rookie mid laner. How was it facing him?


The game wasn’t decided from the mid lane today. Most of the plays were based on team movements, so I didn’t get a specific impression from him.


It seems that whenever Zeri and Yuumi are picked together in the LCK, they win. What do you think about the duo?


There are different parts in scrims and in actual games, and what the bot laners prefer are different. I think it’s different from playing them and facing them.


The Zeri Yuumi duo has a high win rate. What was the reason you let the opponent pick Zeri and Yuumi?


The bot duo’s opinion took the most part. I don’t know the details. I think they thought it was alright to play against.


You got voted as the player of the game in game 1 with Galio. Your performance was very impressive, especially when you had to make quick decisions. Were they planned in advance, or was it mostly improvising?


When certain situations come up, there’s a very short window of time to decide and react, so it’s mostly improvised. There are some things that are planned, but all things have to be considered when I make decisions.


How do you think the next match will be?


Gen.G has been on a winning streak from round 1, and they get a lot of 2-0 wins. They’re a strong team. Although our performance has not been the best recently, if we prepare well, we’ll be able to win.


If you beat Gen.G and win all remaining matches, you’ll finish the season in 1st place. It feels that the next match is the one that counts. Are there any precautions in your mind?


Oner’s condition wasn’t that good today. If we can manage to maintain a good condition, we can win. I’ll make sure that we do and play in our best forms.


There have been changes to the pause regulations. What do you think?


Players were able to pause the game before as well. I think they’ve just reminded us about it. It’s the least they can do, and it’s natural to do so.


Any last comments?


We won 2-1 today. Our next match against Gen.G is the one that counts, so I want to show the fans a great performance by keeping a good condition.

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