All Gamers are Introverts and do Poorly in College: Why is this not true?

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A considerable number of college students love playing video games. It is not strange to see at least one video game console in their collection. What began with a handful of fans and a single computer has become an industry worth billions of dollars. There are multiplayer video games and single-player games available for game lovers. It is a widespread belief that all gamers are introverts. However, the kind of game a college student plays depends on their disposition.

The issue of the individual disposition of gamers is gradually becoming a topic of debate. While some students firmly believe that all gamers are introverts, others do not accept the claim. To salvage the situation, referring to introvert essay examples exposes more knowledge on the subject of introverts. Students can access different examples of essay on the topic to write their research project.


Also, some people believe that it is more important than ever to restrict the time college students can spend playing video games. The general belief that gaming affects college students' academic performance exists. According to this view, a student who is a gamer is automatically seen as an introvert. Therefore, being an introvert who loves games will equal academic failure. How accurate or false this belief is, is what this article examines.


How did this cliche come about?  

The most negative generalisations about gamers being introverts frequently originate from a vocal minority. The vocal minority are people who strongly voice their opinion about a subject without restraint. Sometimes, their ideas are subjective, not on the basis of facts but their opinion.


Indeed, people who are introverts are not open to social contact. They love their time alone, in their secure zone, to regain their energy and sanity. Gaming, on its part, is an activity that most college students participate in while staying indoors. A student who plays games will likely remain in most of the day. Since they stay most of the time indoors, people grow the opinion that they are introverts. This is because introverts are known to stay away from social space.


Playing games can provide natural introverts with a sense of security and community. This makes the vocal minority classify all gamers as introverts. The stereotype of people who live in their basements applies to gamers and other indoor lovers. The fact that game lovers take pleasure in focusing their attention in front of a computer with a gamepad is the connecting factor. This makes people refer to them as introverts and consider them socially awkward.


Why isn't it true?

Believing that all video gamers are introverts is a myopic perception. Individual differences are still existent. There is a high percentage of college students who play games, and classifying all of them to be introverts negates the idea of individual differences. Although some characters are unique to a sect or kind of individuals, all gamers cannot be put under the classification of introverts.


Research results speak to the fact that video gamers are increasingly social. More than 75% of college students who play video games do so with others, either online or in person. It might be fairer that extroverts constitute a more significant percentage of gamers. Playing computer games sometimes requires being in the same game with another individual. The process of playing games builds a level of interaction and connection between players. You will rarely notice a game spot on campus that is always calm. It is always bustling with shouts and loud laughter.


Also, the belief that playing computer games makes gamers perform poorly has no solid proof. Gaming is believed to make university students more active. Engaging in gaming activities stimulates the brain. The ability to jump hurdles and make intelligent moves in games requires mental calculations and active thinking. The critical thinking capacity of students comes into operational use during gaming.  Therefore, they can also transfer this level of critical thinking to their studies.


Students who play games are often believed to do well in science subjects. It is so because their brains work fast in making calculations. However, this might not be the case for everyone. Some students might soak themselves into playing computer games and forget their academic responsibilities. In most cases, playing games is essential for developing mental skills.



Students that play video games develop better coordination. Gaming enhances learning, problem-solving, and multitasking and can boost social skills. Therefore, it will be helpful to bury the belief that all gamers are introverts and perform poorly in academic activities. Gamers are not the introverts and solitary geeks that other people assume. This article serves as a sample of essay writing regarding this subject. Here you can access information that debunks the false belief about all gamers being introverts and performing poorly in school.

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