LSB Clozer: “I play a lot sharper after I play against Chovy... He knows how to make his enemy feel pressured."

On day 30 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, Liiv SANDBOX defeated Kwangdong Freecs 2-0 in the first match of the day. Liiv SANDBOX picked up their eighth victory of the split and managed to stay in fourth place in the standings.


After the match, Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon joined Inven for a post-match interview. He started off the interview by expressing his satisfaction of not only being named POG for both of the team’s victories, but also not dying once in both games.


“We came into the match with the mindset of going 2-0 no matter what. We have to prepare for the playoffs, so we felt it was important to secure a spot in the playoffs as fast as possible. That’s why we feel that each match victory is important.”


Clozer showed incredible prowess on Akali in game 1. Not only did he make an insane play to gain huge advantages for his team in the early game, he also performed well in teamfights.


“I got two kills on Akali in the early game, so I told them that we pretty much won. I just thought I had to be careful to not get ‘one-shot’ by the enemy, so not only did I itemize tenacity items, I also was very careful in teamfights. I think I was able to make that huge play in the early game because of that Mercury’s Treads purchase.”


Due to Kim “Kiin” Ki-in’s Fiora getting four kills early in game 2, Liiv SANDBOX had to fight an uphill battle. However, LSB took advantage of KDF’s sluggish side lane macro to outscale them.


“I was glad that Fiora wasn’t heavily pressuring the side lanes. Our opponents focused more on five on five teamfights, so the game got easier. If they pressured our side lanes better, we would’ve felt more pressured.”


On taking the keystone, First Strike, on Sylas, Clozer commented the following:

“By taking First Strike, I’m able to also take Magical Footwear and save more gold, which is huge. Instead of matching the enemy’s tempo with Conqueror, I’m able to get my core items faster with First Strike, which is a huge strength of First Strike. I saw JDG’s ‘Yagao’ take First Strike in scrims, so I felt that it was really good.”


In recent interviews, Clozer spoke about how he improves when he faces ‘Chovy’ of Gen.G. Coincidentally, LSB’s opponents before KDF were Gen.G.


“I play a lot sharper after I play against Chovy. I can feel myself playing better in the match after facing Chovy. He knows what to do to pressure his enemy; those are the things I learn from him.”

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