KT Aiming: "Whenever I do get named Player of the Game, it’s all because Life got me fed. He’ll always be my POG."

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On day 29 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, kt Rolster defeated Nongshim RedForce on the second match of the day. With their victory, KT climbed to 5th place in the standings, and will face T1 in their next match.


The following is Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram and Lee “VicLa” Dae-kwang’s interview with Yoon Su-bin on the LCK broadcast.

KT played Twitch + Renata against Aphelios + Tahm Kench. Usually, Twitch is paired with champions like Yuumi or Rakan, but tonight was the first time Twitch was paired with Renata. Tell us why you decided to draft the two champions together.


Aiming: I think that our opponents felt pressured because Twitch has a stealth mechanic, which makes him almost like an assassin champion. He can also easily make Tahm Kench use his ult to save his ADC, so I think it worked out well. I felt really comfortable playing him, and I think the gameplay itself went well.


Tonight was the first time you played Twitch in a competitive game, correct?


Aiming: That’s right. I think I’m able to play champions that I’m not used to because I'm a bit of a genius [laughter].


You played Sylas in all three games tonight. How is your Sylas different from others?


VicLa: I never get scared, and I think I play teamfights pretty aggressively.


KT played Jinx + Taric in game 2, but unfortunately lost. What was the feedback after game 2 and how did KT adjust their game plan for game 3?


Aiming: I actually lost quite a bit when I played Jinx; there really wasn't anything else to play, so I had to play her in game 2. Whenever I play Jinx, I feel that I play out the laning phase okay, but not only do I die a lot, our team also falls behind a lot. We all get screwed, so I think we’ll have to be a bit more careful.


It looks like KT knows how to snowball the game quickly whenever they get a lead. What’s the secret?


VicLa: I think it’s me. I’m always proactively telling my team to fight the enemy.


Aiming: I don’t agree. I think he’s full of unnecessary confidence.


Aiming, how much credit does Life take in your ability to carry the game?


Aiming: Whenever I do get named Player of the Game, it’s all because Life got me fed. He’ll always be my POG.


KT’s next opponent is T1.


Aiming: There were a lot of unfortunate matches against T1, so I hope to finally overcome our shortcomings and beat them.


VicLa: T1’s really good. I really want to beat them.

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