KT Cuzz on his struggles, going through COVID-19, and how he got back on track


On July 21, in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, KT Rolster swept Hanwha Life Esports 2-0 and rose to 5th place in the standings. Although the games were close, KT managed to destroy the Nexus first. After the match, KT jungler Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan joined the press room for an interview.



Congrats on the 3-match winning streak. How do you feel?


We beat Hanwha Life Esports today to start a winning streak. It’s satisfying since it seems that our performance and teamwork are great. I’m really happy.


What’s the reason behind all the good vibe within KT?


Scrims are good, and our matches are good too. There were things we lacked before, but since our performance is good, we started up good momentum.


Aiming is one reason KT’s doing well, but you’re another reason. How’s your form?


When we were losing a lot, I was kind of confused, but I was just enlightened all of a sudden. I got more confident, and it feels that I’m less nervous now.


Why were you confused? How did you overcome it?


When we were losing, I didn’t know which jungle champion to pick at what time. I wasn’t sure about anything - I wasn’t sure which side I should play, but now, whatever pick, I feel that I can deal with all situations.


Did you overcome it yourself? Was there anybody that helped you?


I was getting a grasp slowly. I lost a lot when I wasn’t sure, so I talked a lot with our coach. I tried several picks during scrims, and that helped.


How’s your condition after testing positive for COVID-19?


It was harder than I thought. When I was infected, I tried to sleep a lot and keep my energy before I played. That seemed to work out well, so now I try to keep that routine. I’m feeling a lot better now.


Many players are saying the draft is more important than ever. As a jungler, what do you feel about the recent drafts?


I also feel that the draft is much more important now. I need to draft the jungle champion with a lot of thought to be more proactive when I play, so I try to look into the picks more.


Any last comments?


Thank you to all fans that cheer for us always. It’s a big struggle if you get infected, so beware of COVID-19.

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