BRO Edgar: "We played as if we had something to lose [in round 1]... Our round 2 run will be better."

In their last round 1 match of the 2022 LCK Summer split, Fredit BRION finally managed to earn their first victory of the split, over Nongshim RedForce. From new picks like Bel’Veth [in the jungle] to showcasing better teamwork, they were able to enter round 2 on a positive note.

After their victory, the head coach for Fredit BRION, Choi “Edgar” Woo-beom and jungler Um “UmTi” Sang-hyeon joined the press room to answer questions from the media.

How does it feel to finally pick up your first victory of the split?


Edgar: Our first win was way too late. I’m deeply sorry to the fans. However, we finally won our first match of the split, so I hope to showcase more confidence in our gameplay for round 2.


UmTi: I also feel very sorry for our fans that our first win came so late. I hope we can show different styles of gameplay in round 2.

What was the problem for the team in round 1 this split?


Edgar: The biggest problem was our champion pool. Also, we moved as a unit during the Spring split, but it felt like we lost a lot of what we had in our recent games. There were a lot of cases where we lost because we played as if we had something to lose.


To overcome such problems, we made a lot of different attempts in fights, even if we lost. Those attempts made our scrim results a bit better. For the last 3-4 weeks, we lost every game except once. However, our performance level started rising about 2-3 days ago, so we came today thinking that we can finally pick up a victory.


From the players’ perspective, why did you guys play like those with ‘something to lose’?


UmTi: We wanted to attempt more new things in-game, and I think that mindset worked against us. Because we wanted to try the things that stronger teams in the league were doing, we lost our color in the process.


Why did you decide to start the original starting five members over Sw0rd and Gamin?


Edgar: The original five members weren’t able to fix the things that the coaching staff asked them to. We practiced with our CL team, and made the judgment call. The reason why we started the original five members today was because Morgan and Hena were able to overcome a lot of their weaknesses. Morgan was able to make more calls, and Hena practiced very hard, even in solo queue. The recent scrim results made the team feel like how they played in the Spring split, so the original five started today.


Bel’Veth, a champion that has two losses in the LCK, was picked tonight. How come?


UmTi: I don’t believe that Bel’Veth was the reason behind the two losses. I feel that the games that she lost in all went in a very weird direction, so her record in the LCK didn’t really faze me.


You built Sunfire Aegis - Blade of the Ruined King as your first two items. 


UmTi: BoRK - Sunfire offers more stability. If I build Kraken Slayer, then my second item feels awkward. Bel’Veth becomes more vulnerable, so I wanted her to be safer.


Can you also tell us why you went Wit’s End over Death’s Dance as your 3rd item?


UmTi: My role is to kill someone on the enemy team without fail. There was no need for me to survive the fight and get kills. I felt that Wit’s End was the perfect damage item for her, and could survive once with Stopwatch.


Fredit BRION will face stronger teams in the league once again in round 2, like DWG KIA, DRX, and T1.


Edgar: We may have gotten our first victory of the split, but all the teams that we have to face are really good. That’s why I hope to lead the team to make the plays that they want, without regrets.


How do you foresee the team’s run in round 2?


Edgar: I predict it’ll be a lot better than round 1. Kim “Aiming” Ha-ram once said that the actual match results turn out the opposite of scrim results, but oddly enough, our match results and scrim results were the same. Now that we’re winning in scrims, I think our round 2 run will be better.


UmTi: I’m the type to hold my tongue on topics like this, because the opposite of what I say always happens. That’s why I’ll say that our run will be abysmal in round 2 [laughter].


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Edgar: I’m really sorry to all the fans that were worried. The reason why we’re able to keep going is because of all the fans that stick with us. Our CEO is also at LoL Park today, and all these things really helped our players. Thank you.


UmTi: I want to tell the players and the coaching staff that although things have been difficult in recent days, they’ve toughed it out. Thank you, and let’s work hard in round 2.

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