Tens of thousands attend Pokemon GO offline event, more to come in Seattle and Sapporo

Over the past few years, the pandemic situation prevented many things that could be done in person, but now that the concerns for COVID-19 reduced significantly, offline events are back. One of them was this year's first in-person Pokemon GO fest that was held in Berlin, Germany. 


Last weekend, Pokemon GO fans gathered in Britzer Garten to show how passionate they were for the game, and to catch more Pokemon. According to Niantic, tens of thousands of people participated to explore the festival over the weekend. The trainers caught over 14 million Pokemon and explored over 303K kilometers. 



At this event, Shiny Pansear and Shiny Foongus appeared for the first time ever, and many of them went through research to learn about Sky Forme Shaymin. Also, the Ultra Beast Pheromosa made its debut during the festival.


Considering one of the Ultra Beasts made its debut at one of the three Pokemon Go Fests, it's likely that more will come in the following events in Seattle and Sapporo. Rumor has it that they're going to be Buzzwole and Xurkitree.


The next offline Pokemon GO Fests will be in Seattle, from July 22 to 24, and in Sapporo, from August 5 to August 7. Tickets for these in-person events are already available.


The event in Seattle will take place in Seattle Center and downtown Seattle, and there will be two separate special research stories to enjoy — one for the park, and one for the city. Up to six special trades will be possible, and up to nine daily raid passes will be given out when trainers spin the discs at gyms.


Now, while you look forward to the next offline events, here are some sights from the previous events — a glimpse of what you might expect for Seattle and Sapporo.



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