T1 Keria on dealing with Seraphine: "[Game 2's] team composition was just one of many solutions we came up with."

On day 20 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, T1 took on Fredit BRION in the second match of the day. With a set score of 2-0, T1 was able to take a dominant victory against Fredit BRION. It’s notable to point out that T1’s game 2 ended on the 23 minute mark, making it the shortest match of this Summer split.


The support player for T1, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, joined the press room to talk about his victory.

How does it feel to beat Fredit BRION and go on another win streak?


While our original win streak may have been broken, I’m thrilled that I’m able to go on another one. I’m also thrilled that we were able to get data on Fredit BRION’s prepared surprise Amumu pick.


Based on that data, what are Amumu’s strengths and weaknesses?


I’m keeping a keen eye on how various leagues utilize Amumu. I think that his strong early-mid game is what attracts teams to pick him.


In game 1, Fredit BRION picked a skirmish heavy team composition and were able to take the dragon Soul. What did the team talk about when BRO took it?


The ability to go in aggressively is what makes engage compositions so strong, but its weakness is that it lacks that extra 2% to finish their enemies off. We felt that we’d outscale them, so we waited until our power spikes.


Even so, I don’t think it was T1’s plan to give them all four drakes.


Because their early game is very strong, we were planning to give them two drakes. We felt that our power spike timing was after the third; BRO gave us the mid turret, but instead was taking the dragon, so we just went in further into their tier two turrets. We were going to fight on the fourth drake, but we mispositioned ourselves, so we lost that fight.


BeryL also put on a great performance on Amumu. What’s your impression of his Amumu?


I feel that Amumu needs to have a partner that fits him right; BeryL’s Amumu was paired with Kalista. However, BRO paired Amumu with Samira, so it was a very fresh lane.


Which of the two duos do you think is better?


If Kalista’s up, I’d 100% choose Kalista [laughter].


T1 drafted a pretty interesting team composition in game 2.


After we lost to Kwangdong Freecs, we brainstormed a ton on how we’re going to play against Seraphine. That team composition was just one of many solutions that we came up with.


Your Lee Sin has almost single handedly flipped the gank around when they attempted to tower dive you.


They didn’t play it right in their first dive. I think I was pretty lucky when I chased down Rell the first time. The second time around, I went in to blow Kalista’s Exhaust. Her not having Exhaust was very good for our Herald attempt, so I wanted it on cooldown.


With so much variety in the bot lane these days, how do you interpret the current meta?


I struggled to adjust to the current meta due to the large durability patch, but now I have a good grasp of it. I’m experimenting with a lot of different champions, and so far, I think the meta suits me.


For Senna, it seemed like the most unfun game. Even Gumayusi jokingly complained about it.


We’re all playing to win in official matches, so he definitely meant it in a joking way. I don’t think there was too much meaning in his complaints.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


I’m disheartened that the fan meets have stopped for the time being. I hope they return for round 2. I want to thank all the fans cheering for us at home and at the spectator stands. COVID cases are on the rise again, so please take care of yourselves.



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