DK ShowMaker: "Mid laners in the LPL are very versatile. I learned a lot from Knight's gameplay."

On day 15 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, DWG KIA defeated Nongshim RedForce 2-0 in the first match of the day. On Corki in game 1 and on Azir in game 2, Heo “ShowMaker” Su was at the center of both of his team’s victories.


In a post-match interview with ShowMaker, he stated that he “Was thrilled to win tonight 2-0, and continue our win streak.” When asked about NS letting both Corki and Zeri through in the draft for game 1, he felt that, “The draft overall went really well. We talked about how we can win if we just play slow and steady. Every team has different takes when it comes to drafts, so they must’ve had a good reason why they let those two through. I feel that their in-game execution from their draft, up until the early-mid game, was great as well.”


He also shared insight on DK’s draft in game 1 [Gnar-Xin Zhao-Corki-Zeri-Lulu]. “We did have insurance with Zeri, but because of Canyon investing his time in mid lane during the early-mid game, I was able to scale pretty safely.”


Furthermore, he shared that the enemy team comp wasn’t a bad one. “The key win condition for us was for Corki and Zeri to scale safely. The enemy had Ornn-Viego, but they’re two champions that can’t make anything happen by themselves, so Azir was the key champion to unlock their potential. Bdd’s known for his Azir, so it feels like they had a good game plan with their composition.”


When asked about the blue side's advantage in competitive play, he stated, “All the teams picked the blue side. I don’t exactly know why, but it feels like there have been more games won from the blue side [laughter]. However, nothing lasts forever; teams research how they’re going to win from the red side, and I think picks like Ashe and Seraphine are some of the results from the research.”


What if DWG KIA lost the match that day? What would they have done? ShowMaker’s answer to that question was rather simple. “It depends on how we lost. Depending on the feedback, we would’ve picked either side.”


ShowMaker also shared that he was recently inspired by the LPL. “I learned that mid laners in the LPL are very versatile. Knight [of TES] played champions like Brand in the mid lane; there were a lot of things to learn from his gameplay. Sometimes, there were picks that I felt didn’t fit certain situations, but I learned that there are other ways to overcome bad matchups. One prime example of that was when Xiaohu [of RNG] picked Lissandra at B1, carried the game, and got banned out in the next game right away.”


One of the final things he shared was his thoughts on his own recent performance. “In the past, there were a lot of things you can do by yourself to overcome disadvantages, but nowadays, the importance of teamwork has increased dramatically. I think the durability patch is the main reason behind this, so even when I’m making very standard, obvious plays, I try to communicate more with the rest of the team.”


ShowMaker closed the interview by thanking his fans. “The weather’s getting incredibly hot [in Korea]. Despite this, I’m very grateful for all the fans that come to see us at LoL Park, and even those cheering for us at home. Thank you, and please continue to support us.”

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