VALORANT pros call on Riot Games to address COVID concerns after exposure during VCT 2022 event


The VALORANT Champions Tour 2022: South America Stage 2 Playoffs has been full of crazy plays. But it's currently something happening behind the scenes that has the esports community paying attention the tournament. 


Ninjas in Pyjamas' Alexandre "xand" Zizi has called out Riot Games for the company's handling of COVID-19 during the major tournament series. On Twitter, xand explained that his team had been potentially exposed to the virus after playing in the same room as KRÜ Esports, an Argentinian team that ended up having a player test positive for COVID. 


According to xand, Roberto Francisco "Mazino" Rivas Bugueño was walking around the room without a mask, "walking normally around everyone." 


KRU Esports players and fans respond to accusations of spreading COVID at VCT

KRU Esports Director Tomas Castiglione was quick to respond to xand's concerns on Twitter. After xand explained that the two teams were put in the same van despite the positive COVID results, Castiglione shot back that his organization had no say over how transportation was handled. 


"The coordination of the vans is not our responsibility. The only one with positive covid is Mazino, all the rest of the delegation tested negative this morning," he tweeted


xand responded that he wasn't mad at KRU Esports at all and was instead critcizing Riot Games. He said that it was the "logistics" that could have been better, including a delay caused by NiP requesting a different mode of transportation after finding out about KRU Esports' COVID positive player. 



Fellow NiP player Gabriel Luiz "bezn1" da Costa added: "It was very clear that our complaint is with the [tournament] logistics!" 


Castiglione responded that it "wasn't clear" but thanked the team for clearing up the situation. With both of the teams on the same page, it's now on Riot Games to respond to the complaints. The game publisher has yet to react to the players' concerns with the handling of COVID-19 at VCT 2022.

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