LoL veteran Scarra recounts his first week of Heroes training



Try to recall the first couple weeks of playing a new MOBA for the first time. Now, imagine what that would of been like if thousands of people were watching every time you logged in; then imagine you are being diligently coached by a master level ex-pro, answering your every question and correcting your mistakes.

How do you think you would fare? While this is just a hypothetical situation for us, League of Legends coach and ex-pro player Scarra has been living this exact reality, playing 25+ hours of Heroes a week for the “Try Hard for Good” charity event. Recently, Scarra has released a video answering the most common questions regarding his first week of Dunktrain’s coaching and some of the lessons he has learned in his climb to Grand Master.

Full video link is HERE

Here are the main points of his video:

- His favorite heroes (he still calls them champions) are Medivh, E.T.C, Guldan, Cassia, Li-Ming, and Varian.

- His biggest lesson so far is the importance of soaking XP and how valuable it is to not miss any. LoL puts an emphasis on killing heroes early which isn’t that impactful in Heroes.

- Scarra explained that Heroes rewards players that want to make big plays. The game “allows you to tunnel vision” on a certain thing and he mentions how E.T.C is a prime example of this. You can focus on Mosh Pits and have a clear goal that will help your team win.

- Scarra doesn’t think it’s a good idea to rely on your teammates climbing lower ranks of Hero League. This is why he prefers to play “carry” style heroes like Li-Ming, E.T.C and Medivh.

- Being a ex-pro gamer, Scarra has high standards for his climb to Grand Master, but was quickly humbled with his Platinum 4 placement.

- Scarra is surprised by the healing strength of supports compared to LoL. He also remarks on how most of the CC options are given to the warriors. Ultimately, he thinks this separation makes Heroes much more unique than LoL champions.

Scarra has become a big fan favorite among the Heroes stream community, and it’s easy to see why. Check out this popular and amusing clip when Scarra realizes the power level of Varian.

Scarra streams Heroes of the Storm weekdays at 5:30 - 9:30 PST and plans on releasing more videos about his climb and closing thoughts on Heroes of the Storm.

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