DK ShowMaker on building Crown of the Shattered Queen: "I felt that the damage reduction works well into Corki’s big rockets."

On day 13 of the 2022 LCK Summer split, DWG KIA defeated kt Rolster 2-0 to end their losing streak. Despite looking shaky at times during the series, DK managed to earn their victory through superior synergy and excellent teamfighting.


The following is a post-match interview with Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Seo “deokdam” dae-gil.

Thoughts on the victory?


ShowMaker: I’m thrilled that we beat our losing streak with a 2-0 victory tonight.


deokdam: I’m happy that we won, but I’m not happy with my performance tonight.


[To deokdam] Recently, DWG KIA was criticized for their bot lane being weaker compared to those of Gen.G and T1. Thoughts?


deokdam: I do think that I didn’t play very well during the matches against those two teams. I hope to get my revenge in round 2.


[To deokdam] How would you explain your current role within the team?


deokdam: Daeny’s helping me a lot to be more flexible inside the game. We’re practicing for many different scenarios, where we play a bot side game or play defensively if we’re playing a top side game.


[To deokdam] Ashe is slowly being picked up more and more in the LCK. What can you tell us about her itemization?


deokdam: Again, I feel this is a very situational thing, where if the team composition lacks damage, then my itemization becomes more damage focused, whereas if the team needs more CC/slows, then my itemization becomes more support item focused.


Internally, what were some of the reasons behind the team’s loss to T1 and Gen.G last week, and how has the team worked on the problems that they faced?


ShowMaker: The biggest thing was that we weren’t proactively making plays; we were reacting to theirs. I think that there’s still a skill gap between us and them. Internally, we discussed the direction that we need to go, and find ways to beat them. One important piece of feedback was that we need to be more proactive in taking fights, rather than just playing defensively.


deokdam: We talked about how we just reacted to them. We told ourselves to switch to more of an LPL playstyle, so we’re now playing more aggressively.


DWG KIA was behind in the early game, but managed to make a comeback victory. When were you sure that you won the game?


ShowMaker: While most people think that we won due to superior teamfighting, I think otherwise. I think Canyon managed to scale without any hitches and hit his power spike with his Luden’s Echo purchase, so that’s when I felt that we were going to win that game.


Before the start of the season, DWG KIA had a lot of hype behind them due to the team’s success in scrims. However, there have been times where the team looked disappointing. What are some of the problems that the team needs to fix?


ShowMaker: I think that scrim results don’t mean anything. The team’s performance on stage determines the true strengths of the team. By no means do I think we played really well so far, and as long as we’re making more proactive plays, I think we’ll improve.


deokdam: I think that we become pessimistic when we’re playing on stage. We’ll need to be more proactive in our matches.


[To ShowMaker] You played a lot of Twisted Fate in your matches so far. Where do you think he stands in the current meta?


ShowMaker: Twisted Fate’s barely being played by other teams. I might be wrong, but as long as he’s utilized well, I think he’s a very good pick.


[To ShowMaker] Why did you decide to buy Liandry’s Torment in game one, and Crown of the Shattered Queen in game two as your choice of Mythic item?


ShowMaker: I chose to build Liandry’s in game one because our Ashe was behind, so I felt that the team needed more damage. As for Crown in game two, I felt that the damage reduction works well into Corki’s big rockets.


[To ShowMaker] Why did you decide to take Unsealed Spellbook over Electrocute?


I think that Electrocute is a lane-focused keystone rune. It’s hard to proc Electrocute against Corki and Azir. They also both like to take the rune, ‘First Strike’, so by reducing their damage through Bone Plating, they can’t make money off the rune. I wanted to take both the Resolve and the Inspiration tree, so I chose to take Spellbook.


[To deokdam] Zeri and Lucian seem to survive the ban phase in the draft. What are your thoughts on the two champions?


deokdam: I think Zeri’s giga busted, but Lucian has his weaknesses. Whenever I watch games from other leagues, teams sometimes suffocate Lucian through tower dives. You can deal with Lucian if you stunt him early, so I think that’s why he’s sometimes not banned in draft.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


ShowMaker: I think the weather nowadays is crazy [It’s monsoon season in Korea - Ed.] Despite the crazy weather, I want to thank everyone that comes out to see us play. We’ll make sure to work harder and perform better.


deokdam: I want to thank everyone for their support; seeing all the signs supporting us gives us a lot of energy in our matches. Thank you.

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