Ex-Kpop idol and Twitch streamer Sora receives $100k donation during birthday livestream

Source: Sora Twitch stream

South Korean streamer and former K Pop idol Park “Sora” recently received a 100k donation during a Twitch live stream that left her viewers in shock.

Twitch streamer Sora was celebrating her 32nd birthday with her viewers. For the first couple hours, everything was going as usual until one donation stood out amongst the flood of birthday wishes. Sora was just casually talking to her viewers until a donator by the name of "tako" donated $100,000, apparently for no reason other than to celebrate her birthday.

“Happy birthday to our hardest working, best singing, best dancing, most beautiful Sora!” The donation from tako read. “All of our lives are better for having your positive energy in it. Hope all of your dreams come true. This is for jeonse (rent) and good food and cute outfits too.”

Sora was visibly shocked by the donation, along with the rest of her viewers. She then can be seen gesturing with her hands in what could be seen as her counting the zeros in the donation before siting silently for 20-seconds, before letting out a laugh. 

Sora currently has 28k followers and is a partner on the platform. She regularly streams to an audience of around 300 viewers, sharing stories of her time as part of Kpop acts PEACE and BULLDOCK with fans of her music and stream alike.


While she mostly spends her streams chatting with her audience, Sora also occasionally plays a selection of other games such as PUBG and Monster Hunter.  She has also streamed with popular content creation team OTK when they visited South Korea.

A growing fanbase paired with a loyal following, it will be interesting to see what other donations Sora could receive in the future as she grows bigger on Twitch.




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